Presentation University of New York

Students of International School Savremena attend the presentation of the University of New York in Prague

On Thursday, 7 March, International School Savremena welcomed an extraordinary young woman, Irina Tertychnaya, who presented the programme of the University of New York in Prague to the eager students of Savremena. As the Admissions Advisor for the University, Ms Tertychnaya was the right person to answer the students’ numerous questions. The number of students…

Book Fair

A very successful visit to Belgrade Book Fair

For the students of International School Savremena, Thursday, 25 October was Book Day. Together with their physics and mathematics teacher, the students visited the 63rd International Belgrade Book Fair, and during the course of nearly four hours spent there, they had the opportunity to visit different stands and find the books that suit their taste.

Blend of Geography, Economics and Global Perspectives

Blend of Geography, Economics and Global Perspectives: See how Savremena’s students learnt about globalisation in a truly different way

The students of Year 11 had a unique chance to explore the topic of globalisation from different perspectives during the interdisciplinary lesson which connected Geography, Economics and Global Perspectives. Even though the students were presented with different views on the topic, they also pinpointed the characteristics that are common for all three subjects.

Savremena’s students at the White Palace: Organising the reception and taking part in the workshop held by the esteemed lecturer Christopher Thurber

On Friday, 29 June, Savremena’s students had the honour and pleasure to participate in the organisation of a reception at the White Palace. The following day, on Saturday, 30 June, they attended a workshop held by the renowned lecturer Christopher Thurber, after which they took part in a workshop and enjoyed a tour of the palatial complex.