Internationally recognised qualifications and thorough preparations for higher education according to the highest international standards are extremely important when it comes to preparing children for a successful professional future. These aspirations, as well as the desire to provide students with top-notch knowledge and resources, are the reasons why Cambridge International gave International School accreditation for the Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme, just as it was previously accredited for high school Cambridge programme. This makes International School stand out as the school with highest educational standards.

Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme has been accredited by Cambridge International Education – EA034. Ministry of Education has approved of this accreditation by issuing the decision No. 022-05-203/2018-07 dated 25 August 2020, and International School was thus given permission to teach and assess according to the Cambridge International Lower Secondary curriculum. This programme helps students to adequately perfect their skills and prepare for taking tests for Cambridge pre-university qualifications – AS and A levels.

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Cambridge International Lower Secondary teaching curriculum has been designated for students aged 11-14 years, i.e. for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. In other words, this programme is for students who finished either 5th grade of primary school or Cambridge International Year 6. This programme prepares students for the following steps in their education and leads them directly along the Cambridge Pathway which has been fully adjusted to their age.

Rich curriculum for greater possibilities

Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme stands out thanks to its wide range of subjects and ways in which it presents them to students, thus shaping knowledge so that students develop curiosity and a long-lasting love towards learning. Students also become essentially prepared to continue their schooling according to the Cambridge programme. This programme offers ten different subjects that students can opt for, while the main ones are English, Mathematics and Science, and the focus is on the most useful foreign languages such as Spanish, which adds to the multilinguality of the school.

Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme focuses on the child and develops the students’ competencies, knowledge, creativity, life skills, as well as their general wellbeing. The students who follow this programme develop fundamental skills that will be necessary for them to succeed outside of school. The reason for this is that a personalised programme recognises their needs and offers numerous possibilities for further development as regards their education.

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Owing to not just being accredited by the most prominent institutions, but also to our innovative and progressive approach to spreading knowledge and the resources that we use within our educational process, this programme has been recognised by school institutions across the globe. The students of schools where Cambridge International Lower Secondary is applied can be sure that their qualifications will be valued throughout their schooling both in their motherland and abroad.

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Open doors to the best education across the globe

According to the Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme, International School prepares students for taking IGCSE exams that ensue within the next level of schooling – the Upper Secondary grades. The teachers carefully monitor students’ progress, and the concept of testing in this programme is based on the principle of giving positive feedback to students regarding the skills they want to develop. According to their progress, students take Progression tests which evaluate their knowledge in the given moment, and they provide insight into student’s strengths and weaknesses. In the end of the programme, they take the Checkpoint test that covers the basic Cambridge subjects.

During their schooling within the Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme, students will attend classes only in English, without their mother language being involved, which improves their skills of communication with teachers and peers. In this way, they can efficiently master the language that they need for schooling abroad.

When they graduate from the Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme, students are equipped with competencies that fit the highest international standards, and they can simultaneously acquire the globally acknowledged qualifications which enable them to reach the most prestigious secondary schools, universities, and later companies.

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