Erasmus+ is a renowned international EU programme for education, training, youth mobility, and cooperation with institutions and organisations in the field of youth education and sports.

Erasmus +

Erasmus+ projects carried out in cooperation with International School

Erasmus+ provides students, teachers and people around Europe with an opportunity to study, attend training programmes, participate in international projects, volunteer or find employment abroad. The goal of the Erasmus+ programme is to enhance and support the development of education and training, strengthen the link between formal and non-formal education and learning, and improve the cooperation between education and the labour market.

The EngLife Project: Strengthening English Teachers' Digital Readiness

The project is designed to provide teachers with important skills and knowledge which they will transfer to other teachers so they, too, can implement innovative approaches to language teaching, i.e. the EngLife methodology that is the base of this project.

Erasmus + project

The Teach the Future Project: Using Environmental Education to Achieve Environmental Awareness

Even before we could all notice the consequences of climate change, EU politics recognized this burning issue, and we all know that problems are solved through adequate education. For this reason, the European Commission introduced the Education for Climate Coalition as the leading initiative for tackling climate change in partnership with education.

Pushing the boundaries: International School and Tatjana Koluvija awarded the Quality label for “Mindfulness in teaching” project

Creativity, innovations in teaching and dedicated work do pay off. International School and Ms Tatjana Koluvija received the eTwinning national award and the Quality label for the project “Mindfulness in teaching”! Thanks to this, International School students will gain certificates which can be a great addition to their portfolio and therefore improve their competitiveness as…

Environmental education at International School: Climate change education initiative launched in Palermo

Representatives of International School met with their project partners in early March in Palermo to determine further steps within the project Teach the Future. This socially significant project aims to implement climate change education into traditional education systems of the partner countries – Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece and Cyprus.

International School will participate in another Erasmus+ project: Teach the Future

The International School continues to successfully participate in Erasmus+ projects. This time, our school is part of the Teach the Future project aimed at integrating climate change education into secondary schools.

The next stage of the EngLife project – workshops on digital readiness led by International School teachers

From Monday, 27 September, to Wednesday, 29 September, the International School welcomed partners from Ireland, Italy, Poland, Greece and Estonia who are part of the Erasmus project on implementing the innovative EngLife methodology.

Hosting the first Transnational Project Meeting – EngLife: Strengthening Teachers’ Digital Readiness for a Lifetime English Language Education

On Monday, 27 September, an International project meeting for EngLife funded by Erasmus+ was held on the premises of International School. International School hosted partners from Ireland, Italy, Poland, Greece, and Estonia.

International School in an Erasmus+ project – empowering technology-based language learning for the classrooms of the future

After participating in the Erasmus project “Girls Go Circular”, the International School once again justifies its success! This time, we are empowering our teachers to go above and beyond and create new teaching strategies using technology.

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