One of the biggest steps forward in changing the classic educational process is distance learning, that is, learning via the Internet. Practice proves that the pedagogical and didactic importance of this way of learning is extremely great.

That is why, considering the nature of the modern approach of our school, we feel a special responsibility and need to raise awareness of the necessity of changes in the educational process and the use of all the advantages that this type of learning brings with it, as well as to share our knowledge and many years of experience in the field of distance learning.

The future is already here for the students of International School

In addition to attending classes in traditional classrooms, International School students can also have classes online through a unique Distance Learning platform.

The platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the result of many years of work and expertise of our team of experts, who are eminent professionals in the field of education – software engineers, developers, administrators, authors of online courses, pedagogues and psychologists. A team of 15 engineers and all teachers of our school take care of the platform’s flawless functioning and development, as well as user support. The platform also includes video recordings, audio recordings, and interactive applications with the recorded screen when using the appropriate programs, and it also offers the option to contact the teachers in real-time via the Internet.

To see for yourself how the online learning support platform functions and how easy it is to use it, please see the eLearning demo:

Advantages of learning through an online platform

Availability 24/7

Students can access lessons from any place at any time.

Easy to use

Using the online platform and attending classes is very simple.

Interactive video lessons

Interactive lessons increase students’ activity and interest in the material.

Listen to lessons again

The possibility to listen to lessons an unlimited number of times helps to better learn the material.

Interesting teaching materials

Students have access to video, audio and text materials that make the lessons more interesting.

Progress tests

By doing available online tests, students can track their progress.

iOS i Android apps for mobile learning: Everything you need at your fingertips

Do you know that your school follows global trends in education? Would you like to learn in a completely different, modern way, facilitate your learning process and try a unique educational tool in the region?

International School’s free iOS and Android apps enable you to access the platform designed for a facilitated, more interesting and interactive learning experience using your phone or tablet.

Wherever you are – in a park, car or cafe – you can now easily access our interactive learning materials and expand your knowledge outside the classroom. Everything you wish to learn is now even more accessible.

Whenever you wish, you can chat with your teachers, do tests, and watch interesting videos. You can follow lectures and seminars live and exchange impressions and knowledge with other students. This will allow you to broaden your knowledge in the best possible way.

Download the iOS and Android app now

It’s easy to download the iOS or Android app – just visit App Store or Google Play Store or click on the app icon.

Acquiring greater knowledge in an interactive way, tailored to the needs of new generations

The online learning process has several advantages compared to traditional teaching. This way of learning aims, among other things, to free teaching from spatial and temporal limitations, increase its quality and make it more interactive and versatile. The student can access information at any time and has more time for independent work and exchange of information and opinions with the teacher and other students.

Also, within the platform, students can check their knowledge in the most efficient and objective way, because after completing a lesson or area, they can do progress tests that unequivocally show how much have they learned. The system will automatically calculate the percentage and the number of points, and point out the mistakes you made, so you can go back through the lesson and go over that part of the learning material again. The same platform is also used in the courses for developers at ITAcademy (for example in the course Java or course C#).

Experience shows that online learning offers a number of benefits. All that remains is for education to adapt to these innovations and take advantage of the opportunities it provides. We have already made that possible for our students.

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