International School does not leave anything to chance, which is why at the student reception to be held on the very first day of the new school year, new students of all programmes will receive the International School Starter Set, which contains all necessary items for the upcoming school adventure at International School.

What does the set contain?

School uniforms as a distinguishing sign of International School’s students

In order to officially become a part of the truly different school, Interational School’s students will receive the school uniform with International School’s insignia on the very first day, confirming in the best possible way that International School keeps up with developed school systems around the world.

In addition to the students, International School’s uniform is worn by all employees, and we all strive to faithfully convey to each other International School’s mission and vision, which state that International School’s students shall have the strength and wisdom to change the world for the better with their decisions, and that International School is the very place to produce new ideas, foster talent and enhance knowledge.

School supplies

The School Starter Set issued by International School will contain notebooks and pens with the school insignia. Although most primary and secondary school students, together with their parents, have already purchased books, backpacks, erasers, compasses, rulers and other school supplies, one can never have too many notebooks and pens, which is why these items are included in International School’s set.

International School regulations for better adaptation to the new environment

In order for International School’s students to become better acquainted with the way the school operates, the first item they will find in the Starter Set are International School’s Regulations .

The Regulations will introduce the students to the rules regarding the behaviour of students, teachers and parents, student rights, obligations and responsibilities, the marking system, mentorship, the dress code, etc.

Ready for new challenges

International School’s Starter Set will help the students understand their new environment better. This token of care will also show them that International School cares about each new student equally.

The Regulations will help International School’s students resolve any misunderstanding regarding school operations; the school uniform will enable them to quickly and easily fit in the modern surroundings, while the notebooks and pens will be excellent aids in the very first week of September. The parents will also be able to revise all International School rules and regulations and help their child adapt to the new school as best as possible.

With this gesture, International School continues to live up to its status of the most modern Cambridge secondary school in Serbia and the region, all the while providing its students with the best possible conditions for education in the area.

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