International School is Cambridge International School EA034 as of February 2016. Since December 2022, International School is also accredited by Cambridge International to offer the curriculum remotely, using its state-of-the-art Distance Learning platform, innovative lesson materials designed by reputable and experienced educators and School Counselor  and mentor support to students and their parents. 

You can now attend the Distance Learning programme at International School!

What is distance learning education like at International School?

  • Flexible

    Online lesson materials are available for you to access whenever you want! With our state-of-the-art Distance learning platform and Distance learning app designed for iOS or Android, you will have access to teaching and learning 24/7.

  • Student-centred

    Since your live-streamed lessons are stored in the Archive even after they have ended, you can create your own learning plan and follow it at your pace.

  • Supportive

    For academic development as well as for personal growth, your mentor and School Counsellor will be there for you, so schedule a meeting and start your personal development.

  • Challenging

    Due to challenging content, International School’s curriculum develops not only academic competencies but also problem-solving, critical thinking and metacognition, which prepares students for the university as well as for life.

  • Engaging

    Aimed at students who wish to become active participants in the teaching and learning process, International School provides an online curriculum that engages students as active readers, listeners and learners.

Distance Learning Cambridge International package includes?

  • Welcome Pack – a set of learning materials, notebooks, pencils and other materials with the school’s insignia;
  • Distance learning Cambridge International subject courses per choice;
  • Two slots for consultations with your teachers per subject per week;
  • Student and parent access to the electronic school diary;
  • Access to the lesson materials online;
  • Access to the Distance learning platform;
  • Access to the LINK eduTV learning platform;
  • English-mediated live-streamed lessons; 
  • Access to additional distance learning skill-oriented courses in English
    1. Intercultural communication
    2. Introduction to management
    3. Digital Marketing
    4. HTML & CSS Fundamentals
    5. Python and Programming Fundamentals
  • Guidance counselling for university admission;
  • Mentorship and guidance by your mentor;
  • Mindfulness and counselling sessions with our School Counsellor; 
  • First exam application free of charge for sitting exams at International School
  • Free of charge Spanish beginner courses (A1 and A2 level); 
  • Free of charge Global Perspectives courses (IGCSE and AS level); 
  • Access to an online library with more than 1,000,000 textbooks and non-fiction titles in over 950 subtopics;
  • Personalised Mid-year and End-year Report Cards issued by the School

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