Student and parent feedback is valuable information to us. We take pride in what our students and their parents have to say about the International School.


When the time comes to decide where to continue their education, International School students will have all doors open

We believe that, as parents, we have all chosen International School for our children wanting to offer them something more, likely considering how to remove potential barriers to continuing education abroad. Complete communication in English and the Cambridge diploma that students receive at the end of their education at International School is internationally recognised, so our child, when the time comes to decide where to continue their education, has all doors open.

We are most satisfied with the interactivity and very direct relationship between teachers and students. Children know that teachers are just an email away and that every question will be answered and any possible confusion clarified. In addition, teachers and mentors make an effort to recognise each child’s individual interests and guide them toward a much broader understanding of their chosen topic through participation in various extracurricular activities, projects and competitions that require and encourage improvement beyond the standard curriculum.

Boris Baketarić, Mateja’s dad

Milica PrvuljMaking it easier to enrol universities abroad

International School offers a programme that is perfect for students like my daughter, who has received the majority of her education abroad, with only two years spent at a Serbian primary school following a system to which she simply could not adapt. The reason we chose the Cambridge programme is because of the English-mediated lessons which will prepare her to enrol into universities abroad. From its classrooms to its teaching approach and its individual mentoring, International School is modern in every way. I believe that the Cambridge programme offers our children something that other secondary schools cannot.

Milica Prvulj, Miona’s mom

International School team is highly professional

When I saw your slogan, Truly different, to me it was like really cool. The mentor was the happiest thing that ever happened to me as a parent. It’s like having a coach. It’s very important and it’s making a huge difference. It’s a team; if I think of something I send an email I get a reply from someone. It happens immediately; it’s very smooth, very professional. Everybody’s connected, everybody cares. You matter as a parent and as a student. This is what you feel, you feel that you matter.

Barbara Ghorayeb, parent

In all honesty, I am beyond impressed with International School

International School offers everything a caring parent would want for their child. This school is an ideal choice because it will prepare my son for the future and enable him to continue his studies abroad in the best possible way. The fact that he is able to improve his English skills is just superb.
International School is unlike any other school. It has met all of my expectations and hopes of my son receiving a truly high-quality education. In all honesty, I am beyond impressed with International School.

Tatjana Kavazović, Andrija’s mom

The International Programme opens a lot of doors

I chose this school because the International Programme opens a lot of doors compared to other schools. The Cambridge International Programme helps me learn in a different environment, prepare for studying abroad and, most importantly, practice my English skills. I am particularly happy that I have friends from around the world, America, Ireland, Russia, which enables me to have insight into cultural similarities and differences and learn new things.

Uroš Jež, former student

The right school for ambitious young people

I chose the International School because I want to study abroad and this school gives me that opportunity. I would recommend this school to ambitious young students who want to study abroad and have a bright future.

Gala Milutinović, former student

 I would recommend International School to absolutely everyone

So far, I’ve had an amazing experience at the International School. All the people are really accepting and the teachers really try to help us do our best and achieve the best possible results. They even try to help us overachieve. I would recommend this school to absolutely everyone out there, because it’s truly different and they’ll have no problem fitting in.

Teodora Malinić, former student

An amazing experience at the International School

My experience at the International School has been really amazing. Everyone here is really supportive and helpful, which is a great thing for me, especially for university and Petnica Science Centre applications.

Milica Pančić, student

The ability to learn through the great Distance Leaning Platform

I’ve practiced basketball for six years and the main reason for choosing the International School was their support for my daily training sessions and the ability to learn through the great Distance Learning Platform.

Nikola Bodiroga, former student

I want to acquire a Cambridge diploma and study abroad

I chose the International School because I wanted to obtain a Cambridge diploma and continue with my education abroad.

Boris Bogdanović, former student

Una GrzunovThank you International School!

Dear International School,
You made me realise that it’s okay to think outside of the already existing pattern, you thought me to live by one of my favourite quotes – “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for,” and for that I will be forever grateful. I think I’m saying this in the name of every student and past student of this school: thank you for helping us with the process of building our characters, preparing us for our upcoming life battles and shaping us into leaders, strong individuals and most importantly, responsible and gracious human beings.

Una Grzunov, former student

Teaching at International School is creative

International School follows a modern curriculum. I also like the specific approach to athletes who, like me, oftentimes have to miss classes due to tournaments – in my case water polo. I’m delighted to see that International School uses tablets and laptops in teaching and I look forward to receiving a comprehensive education in a creative and interesting way.

Aleksa Cvetković, former student

I am thrilled to be able to speak English at school

I like the fact that at my programme – the Cambridge programme – all lessons are in English; it will be much easier for me, because I lived in the US for a long time. English is my first language, so the fact that I can speak English all the time at school is amazing; I am thrilled.
I also like the fact that we use computers, like we did in the US. Once I graduate, I will be able to attend one of the better universities and will also have more job opportunities due to my education.

Miona Tofilovski, former student

I was among the top 3% of students in the world

I am a final-year student at the International School and during these four years I achieved top results in Cambridge exams. I was among the top 3% of students in the world, for which I was awarded the Cambridge distinction. With help from the International School and its teachers, I managed to enrol at some of the best universities in the world.

Staša Milenković, former student

At International School, everyone is supportive of my sporting activities

At International School, everyone is supportive of my sporting activities. The school supports us in all our extracurricular activities, whether we are interested in art, dancing, sports, etc. I am a competitive swimmer so it’s very important for me to have teachers who understand that kind of regimen and help me reach my full potential instead of making sports interfere with my education or the other way around. What I like the most about this school is the fact that everything is done in a different and interesting way. It’s like we’re in a film, but learning.

Tara Ćulibrk, former student

I’m overjoyed about being a student at International School

What immediately drew me to International School was the possibility of attending English-mediated lessons, which will ultimately enable me to continue my studies at a university abroad.
With that in mind, I opted for the Cambridge programme, with the aim of perfecting my language skills. Not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine that such a school exists in Serbia; I am overjoyed about being a student at such a school.

Jovan Popović, former student

This is the best school that I know of

I was amazed to find out that the student-teacher dynamic is very different from what we are used to. Teachers are truly committed to their students. As an athlete, I think it’s very important that this school promotes various extracurricular activities and that it nurtures the interests of every single student.
This is the best school that I know of and I am quite thrilled. The new technologies used at International School are extremely useful as they offer a new and improved way of learning.

Mateja Petrović, former student

Masa MiticMy A Level results provide me with an opportunity to study abroad

I chose the International School because it gives me an opportunity to study abroad and obtain a bachelor’s degree in sociology or geography. My current A Level results are giving me an opportunity to do so.

Maša Mitić, former student

I can follow the lessons even when I am not at school

The distance learning platform is cool and students can see their grades and the classes they have for the week. Also, there’s the live streaming option which allows you to watch the lessons in real time when you’re not at school.


Lazar Jolić, former student

The right school for a successful future

The school provides us with future opportunities, therefore this school is one of the best options, when considering which school you would like to enrol in. I love the fact that every teacher tries their best to help you and has a great relationship with every student.

Mia Aleksić, student

Teachers full of understanding

I love the teachers because they are nice, understanding and always willing to help. Ms Zorana, our principal is so nice and make this school more fun and interesting!

Helena Čalić, student

The International School helped me achieve my goals

The International School was an amazing experience! It helped me enrol at the university of my dreams. I am now majoring Computer Science/Software Development at DePaul University in Chicago. The International School truly helped me achieve my goals!

Leona Lupulesku, former student

I love my school and I’m carrying it with me throughout my adult life.

I completed my teacher training at the TEFL Academy in Athens in March 2021, and am currently working as an English tutor, which I wouldn’t been able to do if I hadn’t gone to the International School. I’m eternally grateful to the people from the International School for being there for me.

Jovana Jocić, former student

The International School has taught me to think outside the box

My peers from the International School and I have a significant advantage over those from other schools! I’m currently pursuing a BSc in Psychology at CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield. Now that I have almost completed my first year at university, I realise how much my secondary school has prepared me for my studies. The International School has taught me to think outside the box through practical, hands-on learning, and to push myself to achieve my goals.

Hailey Bilješković, former student

At the International School we become better people

Education for me is not just about learning, about specific subjects, it’s more about growing as a person, getting new skills, learning new things about the world around me, generally becoming a better person than I was.

Petar Janjanin, former student

International School encourages us to fulfil our dreams

The school is really highly supportive and the teachers are amazing because whenever we are not present in school, whenever we have our preparations, trainings or tournaments, we have a lot of additional lessons, so we are not going to miss anything that’s happening in school and our professional sports life is not going to affect our grades. The International School really gave us love and carried on the emotions and ambition for learning more than we have in the curriculum, for being more devoted to our studying, and for carrying on our personal dreams and wishes, and to know how to really set goals in our lives and in our academic experience.

Teodora Obradović, former student

Our school is amazing and full of understanding

They devote their attention towards us, and if we don’t get anything, they make sure we understand in the end. Our school is amazing and they give us great appreciation and understanding, as I train basketball and she trains athletics. And they are always there to support us if we need any help throughout our seasons.

Marko Novaković, former student

At the International School we learn to work together

In this school I learnt a great thing about teamwork and that I cannot do this alone and that I shouldn’t go through this period alone, and that I should involve my fellow peers in everything that I do. The International School really focuses on the skill of having teamwork and being competitive but in a healthy way. In this school we actually talk about our emotions and involve our emotions in our work.

Dejana Jeremić, former student

Lara TodorovicA perfect choice for achieving academic and sports excellence

The International School always seemed like a perfect choice for me because I knew I needed a school that was going to help me achieve academic and sports excellence. The support I’ve received from the school really helped me through all the tournaments and the tests I’ve had in previous years. The teachers even came to the Serbian Open golf tournament, which motivated me to win the championship.

Lara Todorović, former student

International School was not the place to spend, but invest 8 hours of your day

My name is Maša Mitić, and I am an International School graduate (and the valedictorian, distinctively humble as clearly evident) studying International Relations and European Politics in Brno, Czech Republic.

Peer tutoring and volunteering are probably the best things I took part in, and have left me with an enlarged professor-wannabe attitude. To both my professors and myself, high school was not the place to spend, but invest 8 hours of your day.

I just think that it’s really about continuous will and eagerness to do everything, all of it, all of it at once. And then you take that will and eagerness, combine it with an excellent curriculum and supportive professors, and you get a thinking individual. And they look like all of us, they laugh and read, they rationalize and empathize, but there is just that forever-questioning mind that will forever question everything and everyone and most importantly, themselves.

Maša Mitić, former student

Programme at International School is very similar to the one at my college

I am studying for one more year at Hope International University in California, and I am currently an intern at the Coreside Savills real estate company in Belgrade. International School has helped me a lot, primarily because of its programme which is very similar to the one at my college, because of the language, and because of business and economics courses that introduced me to the business world.

Lav Dašić, former student

Complete adoption of the Cambridge system and the constant communication in English

One of the key factors for transferring from Primary School Savremena to International School was the complete adoption of the Cambridge system and the constant communication in English, which will enable me to continue my studies abroad more easily. This school provides opportunities for students with different interests, and therefore, in classes, I feel the freedom to present my ideas, which teachers are always ready to support and help further in their development.

Another thing that fascinates me when thinking about International School is the unique family atmosphere that is felt as soon as you become part of it. The teachers themselves are very friendly and adopt an approach of relaxed communication with the students.

Mateja Baketarić, student

Elena CucaI’ve achieved the best results in exams and competitions

I am a final-year student at the International School and throughout these four years the school has provided me with many options, such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or Peer Tutoring, which have enabled me to enrich my academic portfolio. At the Owlypia competition, I won first place in the world in the online round and qualified for the global contest that takes place at the University of Cambridge.

Elena Ćuća, former student

Here is what it’s like to be a part of International School’s team

International School has a young but highly educated team of teachers who possess relevant experience in education and speak multiple foreign languages. The teachers’ positive impressions prove that working in these two schools is truly different, and with their assistance, the students can easily respond to any challenge and reach their full potential.

Owing to the high standards in work and behaviour, and the synergy of experience, innovation and knowledge which we foster at all times, International School’s team includes teachers who grow on a daily basis. Unique lessons and the willingness to transfer knowledge to the students using contemporary teaching methods and technological innovation, makes them modern teachers for the 21st century.

But what’s the thing that International School’s teachers particularly highlight in their work at International School?

Nadežda GolubovićWhat makes International School truly different is the multidisciplinary approach to teaching

As a biology teacher at International School, I have the opportunity to go beyond the basics to impart specific skills and knowledge to the students. The technology we use during lessons allows us to apply a multidisciplinary approach to complex topics, which makes the students engaged and willing to gain more knowledge.

Nadežda Golubović, Biology teacher

Great opportunity to teach open-minded students

As a Global Perspectives teacher, I have an opportunity to teach open-minded students who are able to use critical thinking skills in the debates about globally important issues. It is a unique experience for the teacher to be able to share the ideas and perspectives with the students in a very intellectual and profound way. Being able to follow up the current World and local problems, I travel with my students without boundaries.

Tatjana Koluvija, Global Perspectives teacher

Building a solid foundation for successful future

In the International school we teach children how to embrace the change and uncover entrepreneurial skills. In this process we teach them different book knowledge and combine them with experience from the businesses and economies of the world of today so they will be able to build a solid foundation for their successful future academic and business careers. In a friendly environment they feel positive reinforcement to grow and build their skills needed to become responsible young leaders of future generations.

Marija Milić, Economics teacher

Great opportunity to teach open-minded students

International School takes pride in having future leaders, innovators and outside-the-box thinkers for its students. It has been a real pleasure and honour working with students with such incredible academic potential and seeing them thrive both personally and academically. Being an English language teacher in a school which invests so much in individual approach to teaching and learning, I find joy teaching my students not only the language skills, but also helping them form informed opinions and express themselves eloquently, as these skills will be an important ingredient in preparing for whichever career path they choose to follow.

Ljubica Krstić, English teacher


School takes pride in having future leaders, innovators and outside-the-box thinkers for its students

The teachers at International School are experienced lecturers with a unique approach to each student. Thanks to the top-quality education obtained all around the world, and relevant experience in education, International School’s teachers are able to inspire the students and prepare them for the educational challenges that lie ahead.

Teachers in International School

International School’s learning environment, which encompasses the latest technological devices, educational apps, and interactive and multidisciplinary lessons, allows the teachers to dedicate themselves to each student individually so as to provide them with the best possible education.

Constant development and following global trends in their respective fields is an additional quality of Internatiolnal School’s teachers. This allows the students to acquire applicable skills through a modern approach to teaching. Thanks to the teachers’ dedication, the students can master the materials much more easily, which brings multiple benefits later on in their schooling.

A place for growth and development

International School cherishes not only its students, but its teachers, as well, which is why we constantly strive to provide them with the perfect environment for growth and development.

The fact that, after a hard day’s work, the teachers leave the school fulfilled and happy with their workplace, provides the students with an incentive for even greater achievements.

The positive words of International School’s teachers are proof that these are schools in which the teachers truly are the students’ best friends.


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