Promoting academic excellence has traditionally been one of the most valuable activities of International School. Now, the students have a chance to get the prestigious Peer Tutor title which can help them with their college admissions.

What does this actually mean?

Schoolmates and teachers at the same time

 The Peer Tutor programme enables International School’s students to help each other with particular subjects. This is not standard instruction, but a type of development where students learn from each other. The tutors can help their schoolmates with, say, geography. Or maths. Or French. Or psychology…the area they know best.

On the other hand, the tutees can become tutors.

This is the perfect opportunity for International School’s students to help their schoolmates with a particular subject and acquire skills in an area they might be struggling with.

A good school resume sets the students apart

Peer tutoring will not only help the tutees with their skills, but it will also be a great addition to the tutors’ school resumes, helping them with their college admissions.

Many universities abroad require much more than a mere formal education and focus on other, less formal activities students partake in throughout their schooling. And peer tutoring is definitely one of them.

Peer tutoring will give International School’s students a head start when applying for a university.

This kind of effort is greatly appreciated as it shows that students are focused on both curricular and extracurricular activities. Everyone appreciates altruism.

The Peer Tutor programme introduces excellent academic achievements at International School, once again showing that the school’s methods and approach to learning are truly different.

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