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Conceived as a place where students learn about the world around them in a creative and modern way, International School is an inspiring environment for ambitious young people who strive towards high academic goals. In the modern world, which is constantly changing, it is necessary to keep up with the times and continuously attain new knowledge. That is the very reason why we decided to merge global trends in teaching methodology, information technology and curriculum design.


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Truly different

Modern education in every sense of the word

A modern environment, cutting-edge technology, interactive teaching methods, English- and Serbian-mediated lessons, prestigious Cambridge qualifications, a rich array of extracurricular activities and special attention directed towards the needs of each student are all features that are fused together to make International School a truly unique educational setting.

A unique approach to teaching

Mentoring, tutoring and and talent management are just some of the things that define our unique and modern teaching philosophy. The immense experience of our professional teaching team, mentors and counselors is what solidifies our success.
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Technology in the classroom

Learning should be fun – that is why we use modern technology as a teaching aid. In addition to Google classrooms, tablets and e-notebooks, at International School students are able to complete tasks and solve problems using mobile applications, read e-books and study with the help of an online learning platform created to support them in their academic efforts.
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Online education

Cambridge International has accredited International School to conduct a Distance Learning programme and curriculum using its state-of-the-art online learning platform, innovative teaching materials designed by renowned and experienced educators and the support of our school counsellor and mentors for students and their parents.
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World-class competencies

The knowledge you acquire at International School is recognised across the world. With a diploma from our school, students are able to enrol into institutions of higher education both in Serbia and abroad. Cambridge qualifications unlock the doors to universities across the world while the degree and the quality of their knowledge places our students at the very top of the academic ladder.
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Support programme for the best

We reward the achievements and academic excellence you have demonstrated thus far. All of our hard-working students, successful athletes, geniuses, talented artists, brainiacs as well as those who hold an Exceptional Performance Certificate receive a 10-100% discount on their tuition fees. We reward your efforts, recognise your talents and help you develop them.

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Early bird registration at reduced prices: Apply by 31 Jul

Use the benefits of the current enrolment period and enjoy significantly lower tuition fees. This offer is our way of rewarding the early birds that made the right decision in continuing their education at International School and making high-quality education by Cambridge and IB standards available to everyone.

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An active school life

For learning to be fruitful it also needs to be fun, enhanced with friendships, extracurricular activities, excursions, field trips, trips to theatres and cinemas, sports competitions and many other things. These are the best years of your life and we want you to enjoy them to the fullest.

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Global recognition and awards as a confirmation of quality

The International School was selected among the best schools in the world in the “Cool School” category at the renowned “World Education Summit”, which focuses on innovative learning and teaching practices. Another prize, which affirms the International School’s unique concept, is prestigious Globee® Award in Education Hero of the Year category for extraordinary results in maintaining the highest standards when it comes to teaching and implementing educational technology during the pandemic.

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