Unique opportunity for IS students: Graduate with two diplomas

In addition to IS diploma, obtain a USA diploma and ensure higher acceptance rates at the best global universities

Just 333 euros per month for International School students

During the last two years of their high school education, International School students have an exceptional opportunity to attend the online American school Allison Academy in a flexible, adapted, and interactive manner. Allison Academy is also a member of the LINK edu Alliance. This allows them to obtain the prestigious high school diploma from the state of Florida, which will open doors to the world’s top universities.

With minimal and regular online work and effort, at any time and from anywhere, through the distance learning platform, your child can fulfil all required obligations. Simultaneously, while completing International School, they can earn a diploma from an American high school that is part of our educational system. All they need is an internet connection and a computer or mobile device. In addition all those who apply will receive, as a special gift for achieving this international collaboration, a discount of as much as 80% on the tuition fee.


Obtain the official USA high school diploma in just two years or less

After two years at International School, students can apply to attend Allison Academy online. This form of education is tailored to the needs of students and complies with the academic standards of Florida. By earning additional points and attending mandatory courses, students will have the opportunity to obtain the prestigious high school diploma from the state of Florida!

Allison Academy: A Florida school with over 92% of its students enrolled at prestigious global universities

Allison Academy has always been dedicated to providing a unique educational experience that is innovative, future-oriented, and adapts to the needs of students. In addition to achieving academic excellence, Allison Academy students strive to become citizens of the 21st century, which is why Allison Academy focuses on the personal development of every student. Quality education and students’ results speak for themselves – 92% of its students have enrolled at prestigious global universities.

Allison Academy demonstrates its innovation and focus on the future by opening its doors to students from Serbia. Thanks to online learning, they can now obtain a prestigious American high school diploma.

Flexible education tailored to the needs of our students

What particularly distinguishes online teaching at Allison Academy for our students is its complete flexibility and focus on their needs. It allows them to independently organize their class attendance time.

It is important to know that the material will be covered through specially designed online courses on an interactive distance learning platform, which can be accessed at any time. Through various quizzes, tests, and assignments, students will quickly master the assigned material.

At Allison Academy, students will attend a series of subjects necessary to obtain an American high school diploma. These subjects encourage students to continuously educate themselves, get acquainted with the culture of other countries, and nurture their own talents.

During the online learning process, students have access to learning support. They can consult about any doubts and receive guidance for more efficient organization of tasks.

Earn additional points and graduate from IS with dual diploma!

After two years at International School, students can earn additional points online to obtain an American high school diploma, as required by the state of Florida.

Additional points for these two school years may include, but are not limited to:

  • American History;
  • World History;
  • United States Government;
  • Economics;
  • Financial Literacy;
  • English Language 3;
  • English Language 4;
  • Algebra;
  • Geometry.

After consultations with our learning advisors, a personalised learning plan will be created for each student, with special subjects needed to obtain an American high school diploma.

This unique offer of an incredible 333 euros per month for International School students

  Alison Academy price Price for IS students
Full tuition fee €19,950 annually
€4000 annually
In 12 instalments €1.575  monthly €333  monthly

For your child, the cost of the annual tuition for online learning at Allison Academy is €4,000, which is 80% less than the current cost of tuition at this prestigious American high school.

Provide your child with a dual diploma

A passport to prestigious universities worldwide

    When your child completes online education at Allison Academy, they will have the opportunity to be the proud owner of not one but two high school diplomas. This form of a dual diploma will be highly significant for your child’s further academic development, as this recognition will allow them to continue their education at prestigious universities worldwide.

    The path to an American high school diploma has never been easier because, in this case, your child will not be hindered by spatial and temporal limitations. They can take a step closer to their international academic future at any time and from anywhere.

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