Our teachers put the education of their students first. They make sure that the highest possible standards are upheld in their work and conduct. They are honest and act with integrity. As distinguished experts in the subject matter they teach they employ sound and objective judgement, and continuously seek to build good professional relationships and to cooperate with their colleagues and parents in order to always act in the best interest of their students.

characteristics of teachers


A teacher must:

1. Have high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge students:

2. Strive to help their students progress and achieve good results:

3. Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge:

4. Plan and teach well designed lessons:

5. Adapt their teaching to suit the talents and the needs of each student:

6. Carry out precise and productive assessments:

7. Enforce the code of conduct to ensure a healthy and safe learning environment:

8. Fulfil a large number of professional responsibilities:

Personal and professional conduct

A teacher is expected to uphold high standards of personal and professional conduct. The following statements define the behaviour and attitudes teachers are expected to demonstrate.

Teachers are obliged to act in a way that would maintain the credibility of their profession in the eye of the public, to meet the high ethical standards of behaviour, in and outside of the school, by:

Teachers must maintain the spirit, the policies and the practices of the school in which they teach, and uphold the highest standards in terms of their qualities so as to serve as role models for their students.

It is also important for teachers to always be understanding and act within the legal frameworks in accordance with their professional duties and responsibilities.

Our teachers

Source: Teachers’ Standards 

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