LINKgroup was recognized as a partner in a new project called MICR@S project / Micro Community coopeRative @ School, which the National Agency of Belgium in charge of implementing the Erasmus+ program awarded with a grant, placing it in the group of the best projects in the field of schools that will be financed in the next two years . The topic of this strategic cooperation project is the development of an innovative pedagogical approach for the promotion of entrepreneurial skills among students aged 12 to 18. International School, as part of the LINK educational alliance, will represent our corporation and participate in this exceptional project.

The MICR@S project will enable students to experience entrepreneurship during their high school education, which will facilitate their access to business in the future.

This project should provide students with competencies that can later be used in the labour market and that will encourage an inclusive school environment, cooperation and growth through joint projects, at an international level.

Through the project, the following will also be designed and implemented: teaching materials for imparting knowledge, skills and competences from entrepreneurship education to high school students and a common online game “Community cooperative learning game”, in which students can create their own entrepreneurial models through group work.

The content of the teaching material will include the following topics

  • Entrepreneurship as a transferable competence;
  • How to become a successful entrepreneur;
  • Guiding rules and exploitation of talent;
  • Corporate services for the community (Community cooperative services);
  • Evaluation of the developed teaching strategy;
  • How to establish a business community;
  • Teaching in schools.

The project partners

Project goals

  • strengthening students’ entrepreneurial skills;
  • encouraging inclusion and developing empathy;
  • developing capable and inclusive future leaders.

Project results

  • designing pedagogical tools and approaches to prepare students for success in the real world.

Report after the first conference for the project MICR@S

We are happy to announce that the first conference aimed at facilitating the successful implementation of MICR@S learning snacks by educating trainers was held from 23 to 25 October 2023 in beautiful Aveiro, Portugal! LINKgroup, represented by the International School, as an active participant and partner for the project MICR@S has opened the Train the…

The Second MICR@S Transnational Project Meeting held online

The partners of the Erasmus+ project MICR@S met on 5 July for the second transnational project meeting (TPM) which was held online. It was a very fruitful day, where several topics were addressed and discussed, such as: Progress of work on MICR@S learning materials, which aim to develop teaching materials to transfer the knowledge, skills…

LINKgroup (represented by the International School) and its partners from Europe launched the Erasmus+ project called “MICR@S” during the January kick-off meeting in Brussels

The Erasmus+ project MICR@S (Micro Community coopeRative @ School) has been launched by the European partners, among which is LINKgroup (represented by the International School), during the kick-off meeting which took place on the 17 and 18 of January in Bruxelles. The project intends to provide students with entrepreneurial knowledge so that they can be…

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