In line with our modern orientation and efforts to provide our students with a variety of additional, practical knowledge and skills from other areas, as a complement to international education provided by prestigious curricula, International School enables students to attend additional courses through our interactive online learning assistance platform.


Digital badges as valuable proof of additional knowledge and skills


By attending these courses, students will not only acquire new knowledge of different areas, from programming, through traditional and business skills, to art and languages, but also obtain digital badges as proof of their newly acquired competencies.

That way, International School becomes the only school in the region that enables its students not only to obtain valuable international diplomas, but also to possess, in our modern world, highly regarded digital credentials.

The process of acquiring additional knowledge at International School is interactive, fun, and digitally verifiable, because students receive digital badges for each successfully completed course – it is the latest global trend in education, and the future of certification.

Digital badges – blockchain technology in education

What are digital badges and why are they so popular and highly regarded by international employers and educational institutions?

According to IMS Global Consortium, the global digital badge body, a digital badge is “a digital record of a specific achievement, i.e. verifiable credentials that describe a specific skill demonstrated by an individual, and often include evidence of how the achievement itself was evaluated.”

Simply put: a digital badge is a visual representation of acquired knowledge and skills, and much more. As the result of blockchain technology application, each digital badge comprises a readable set of metadata that enable its verification. Based on these metadata, one can learn who is the holder of the badge, who issued it, what criteria had to be met, the duration of the certificate, and other relevant data.

In other words, a digital badge is an important individualized, internationally recognizable proof of a student’s competencies, and a complement to their diploma.

What makes digital badges credentials of the future?

As part of its lifelong learning goals, the EU has defined the development of new skills of its citizens as a necessary condition for economic recovery and digital green transition. Each individual is encouraged to acquire new and develop existing knowledge and skills throughout their professional career, because it is the only way to correctly respond to fast and dynamic changes in knowledge, skills, and jobs of the 21st century.

Possessing digital badges is digital proof that an individual has mastered specific knowledge and skills, i.e. that they possess appropriate competencies, which is one of the most important factors that employers will take into consideration, apart from a diploma.

In a world that is increasingly moving into the digital realm, this type of digital credentials is quickly becoming an indispensable item on one’s academic and professional resume.

Digital credentials that help students stand out

Possessing a diploma is extremely important in academic and professional circles, however, possessing additional knowledge and skills is highly desirable nowadays as well. Digital badges are the result of the application of the latest technologies in education, and verifiable proof of one’s mastery of additional competencies.

Hence, many successful international companies, as well as renowned educational institutions promote the benefits of digital badges related to additional training and education. Individuals who possess them have a better chance of enrolling in the desired college, or landing a job they applied for.

Digital badges as valuable proof of our students’ competencies

In order to provide our students with the best international education, in addition to the prestigious curricula we offer, International School has enabled its students to acquire additional knowledge and skills through our innovative online platform. Students choose additional courses they want to attend on their own, and upon successfully completing them, they receive a prestigious digital badge as international proof of knowledge, skills and competencies acquired in a given course.

This way, students will not only obtain highly regarded international diplomas, but digital badges as proof of digital competencies as well, thus greatly increasing their chances of success in the future academic and professional career.

International School – always in step with the latest educational trends

In line with the demands of the times, and the latest educational trends, International School has introduced blockchain technology into its teaching practice. One of its applications involves digital badges that students receive after successfully completing additional courses through the online platform.

Although still highly respected, a formal diploma is not enough on its own. The thing that will help your child stand out is the possession of various valuable and verifiable digital badges. They not only vouch for their newly acquired skills and competencies, but also for their readiness to constantly develop and keep up with the times, which is an extremely valuable quality in the modern academic and business environment.

For students of International School, the future is already here!

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