Cambridge IGCSE for Years 10 and 11

The IGCSE programme (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) for Year 10 and 11 students, is the most popular international qualification worldwide. As a passport to progression and success, it is recognised by the world’s leading educational institutions. Having been developed and tested in the last 25 years, the schools from around the world consider it an established route to student’s academic development.

This program develops the student’s knowledge, understanding, and skills regarding:

  • content of the subject
  • use of the knowledge in familiar and unfamiliar situations
  • intellectual curiosity
  • flexibility and adapting to changes
  • working and communicating in English
  • impact on learning outcomes
  • cultural awareness

This carefully designed program enables students not only to improve their knowledge, but also to develop creative and critical thinking and problem solving. In a nutshell, it represents an excellent stepping stone towards the next, Advanced level.

Cambridge ICE – a stepping stone for A-levels

At the end of Year 11, students sit the IGCSE examinations and obtain an internationally recognised diploma – International Certificate of Education (ICE) from the University of Cambridge, and move on to the Advanced or A-level. To earn this prestigious diploma as evidence of their knowledge acquired over the two-year IGCSE programme, they have to pass all seven IGCSE subjects. An ICE diploma enables students to continue their education at the Cambridge A-level, either in Serbia or abroad.  Not only is the ICE diploma recognised as proof of outstanding academic accomplishment by higher education institutions and employers all over the world, but also required for enrolment procedures at many universities.

Visit the Cambridge website for more information:

Cambridge ICE

Cambridge A-levels for Years 12 and 13

Thousands of students all over the world get accepted into world’s leading universities thanks to the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE). This programme completely prepares students to understand the subjects while developing their independent thinking.

As an internationally recognised programme, accepted by universities world-wide, it develops knowledge, understanding and skills regarding:

  • core understanding of a subject
  • independent thinking
  • application of knowledge and understanding of new, as well as familiar, situations
  • logical thinking and coherent argument presenting
  • evaluation and decision-making
  • working and communicating in English

Cambridge AICE diploma – proof of knowledge and ability

After completing the A-levels programme, Year 13 students sit their examinations to obtain the prestigious Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE), which encompasses the so-called “golden standard” of Cambridge qualifications and covers all the knowledge acquired during the two-year programme – the knowledge of the chosen A-level subjects. Having this certificate does not only evidence a high level of knowledge but also proves that the student has learnt to think critically, analyse data and present his knowledge in the most suitable way. In a nutshell, the AICE diploma makes a valuable ticket for further educations at the most prestigious universities world-wide and for employment with the world’s leading companies.

Visit the Cambridge website for more information:

Cambridge AICE
➪ Cambridge AICE Diploma recognition

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