Will my child fit in? Here is the answer to your question.

It is only natural to worry about how your child will cope at a new school, with new friends, teachers, subjects, technologies and foreign languages.

But there is no need for concern. You are not alone in this.

International School takes care of each of its students. We are always focused on how they are doing, whether they understand the lessons in English, if they know how to use the new technologies at school and whether they are getting along well with their peers. International School uses advanced pedagogical methods in order to help each child find their way and fit into the new environment.

If you have questions concerning what your child’s first school days will be like at International School, take a look at how the students are treated and how assistance is organised for anyone who needs it.

Every obstacle is easily overcome

Every change in a teenager’s life is a big one, because they are in the most sensitive period of their lives. This is why it is important that they experience this period at a school that places emphasis on caring about their emotions, and understands their needs.Elena Cuca

I am a final-year student at the International School and throughout these four years the school has provided me with many options, such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or Peer Tutoring, which have enabled me to enrich my academic portfolio.

Your child is not sure about their English?

We have provided a free English course for students attending the IB Diploma Programme and the Cambridge International Programme.

If you would like your child to attend International School’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or the Cambridge International Programme but are not sure whether their English language level is adequate, we will find the right solution. You can use the free English course designed for IB and Cambridge International students, or opt for the Combined Programe, which will gradually introduce your child to instruction in a foreign language.

Call us, schedule a meeting, and we will consider the options together and determine the best one for your child.

How are students coping with technology in the classroom?

They love it!

The state of the art technology used in teaching and learning is user-friendly and quite simple to operate, while our understanding teachers and mentors are always there to help students catch up. Children at this age find tablets and apps familiar and they use them every day for entertainment, and now they are about to discover their educational side as well.

You want your child to follow their interests?

International School turns the students’ interests into their future professions.

Every student is different, with their own interests, habits, wishes and needs. These differences are what enriches International School. This is why at this school, everything that makes young people special and unique is respected, while the differences are cultivated and serve as ways for students to learn more about each other.Milica_Prvulj (1)

International School has the right programme and the right approach for children such as my child, who practically finished primary school abroad, with only about two years in Serbia, and who has never really adjusted to the conventional style of learning.

At International School, the students and their success always come first. This is why work on their individual progress is of the utmost importance, while individual talents and affinities are respected and developed.

International School’s students comprise those who like science or art, those who are interested in modern technology and IT, as well as those who are good orators and athletes. This school does not restrain their talents and interests; it develops them, provides opportunities, and produces outstanding individuals who value team spirit and good cooperation.

Your child is into sports?

Choose the school with the best options for young athletes.

International School is flexible. It accommodates athletes and other talented students who have other commitments besides school. Using the eLearning platform, they can catch up for everything they missed at school. All they need is an Internet connection and they can access lessons, books and assignments 24 hours a day. Video-lessons can be used for studying, as well as revision; using this platform, the students can evaluate their knowledge by doing tests focused on each individual unit or area.Lara Todorovic

The International School always seemed like a perfect choice for me because I knew I needed a school that was going to help me achieve academic and sports excellence. The support I’ve received from the school really helped me through all the tournaments and the tests I’ve had in previous years.

What is the role of the school counsellor?

A school counsellor provides active support in learning, development and growing up.

Our school counsellor is there to help the students overcome conflicts and obstacles that emerge in the course of learning, maturing and interpersonal relations during adolescence.

Constantly in touch with the students, the school counsellor can quickly recognise if someone has a problem with learning, a lack of concentration, motivation or bad relations with the peers, helping the students and parents find the best solution for any challenge.

The school counsellor also helps determine the appropriate learning style for each individual, depending on the personality type. This ensures efficient and durable learning, all the while rendering the material more interesting. Various workshops are held regularly, developing students’ well-being and social intelligence.Dragana_Matejić

I think that International School is in touch with the children’s needs and the needs of society; that it has a modern system of education, implementing technology with visual presentations in teaching, which will considerably facilitate linking what they have learned into a comprehensive whole.

Why do students choose their mentors?

Because it is important that they have someone they can trust by their side.

Mentors are there for anything that the students need. They offer emotional support and help students overcome any obstacle they may be facing, whether it’s related to learning or fitting in. The students trust their mentors and they can always talk to them if there is even a slightest problem. With their mentors, students are able to overcome any challenge and learn how to cope with those awaiting on the horizon.

What can you expect from the teachers?

Their greatest success is their students’ success

International School’s teachers tirelessly strive to render their subjects both educational and entertaining. They know their students well and know exactly how to package the learning materials so that they are easily digestible and retained in the long run.

The students can ask for assistance at any time; the teachers are forthcoming and work with them on the lessons until they become entirely clear. The success of each teacher at International School is measured by the success of their students.Stasa Milenkovic

I am a final-year student at the International School and during these four years I achieved top results in Cambridge exams. I was among the top 3% of students in the world, for which I was awarded the Cambridge distinction. With help from the International School and its teachers, I managed to enrol at some of the best universities in the world.

Every child will fit in

The mentors, teachers and other staff maintain efficient cooperation in order to make sure that each new student is accepted, fits into the class and makes a lot of good friends. By nourishing well-being, they encourage the students to show solidarity, appreciate diversity and learn from one another.

At International School, no student is lonely or left to their own. All challenges are overcome through sincere care and support.

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