International School is taking part in the international EngLife project, supported by the Erasmus+ Foundation, in order to implement the innovative EngLife methodology which will take English classes to the next level by means of cutting-edge technology. Along with partners from Ireland, Italy, Poland, Greece and Estonia, International School is developing a system for supporting teachers in their intention to enhance their expertise, pedagogical skills and teaching methods.

What’s the goal of this project?

Conceived with the aim of improving English language teachers’ professional competencies, the project implements the idea that teachers should better the learning process as well by appropriately using state-of-the-art technology, namely resources that students know about and find interesting. Teachers are encouraged to share the knowledge they acquire in these projects with their colleagues, thus creating a community of competent teachers united by a common goal – to make classes as rich in content, interactive and purposeful as possible.

An integral part of this project, EngLife methodology is the main goal of International School. Specifically, the aim is to utilize all the available and adequate resources with a view to improving the teaching process, as well as the people leading that process. One of those resources is certainly modern technology, which teachers can apply in a variety of ways, enriching the processes on multiple levels by doing so, but only if they use it appropriately.

Commitment to development and constant improvement

The quality of Erasmus projects has been proven and they are held in high regard by everyone as they’re always focused on community development and dealing with issues concerning the whole of society. Seeing as International School too strives to bring about positive social change through its work, the cooperation between Erasmus and International School comes as no surprise.

The EngLife project is another confirmation of International School’s quality and commitment to learning, development and progress. Having offered its teachers an opportunity to acquire international competencies and develop continuously, International School puts into practice everything that it stands for in theory, i.e. the view that learning never stops and that schools should provide their teachers with all the resources necessary for developing their competencies and enhancing their teaching performance, so that they set a good example to International School students.

A project called Strengthening Teachers’ Digital Readiness for a Lifetime English Language Education will enable teachers and students at International School to advance and gain comprehensive knowledge and experience, which is why they are looking forward to participating in the Erasmus projects.

This project has been realized in coordination with the following partners:

  1. Atlantic Language School (Ireland)
  2. Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico G. Malafarina (Italy)
  3. LO Dubiecko (Poland)
  4. CLV Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace z Oddzialami Dwujezycznymi im. Bohaterek Pow stania Warszawskiego (Poland)
  5. International School (Serbia)
  6. Platon m.e.p.e (Greece)
  7. Nordic Edtech Forum N8 MTÜ (Estonia)

Project coordinator:

Luminar Foundation

Erasmus+ “EngLife” project came to an end – The final meeting held in Warsaw

A conference “Teaching English for the Future: How to Teach English to Teens with the Use of Digital Tools” was held in Warsaw, which marked the end of the Erasmus+ “EngLife” project. The tools for improving the competencies of English language teachers were presented at the conference to many interested teachers from Poland. “Superteachers from…

EngLife Galway trip brought memories for life

Computer Science teacher, Milić Vukojičić, together with Year 11 students, Elena Vezenkoska and Damjan Vezenkoski, got back from a seven days trip to Galway, Ireland, where they worked on Erasmus+ “EngLife” project. To Mr Milić Vukojičić, the project trip was a fantastic experience: “We were impressed with the Atlantic Language School’s innovative and effective teaching…

International School representatives went to Ireland for “EngLife” project

International School’s Computer Science teacher, Milić Vukojičić, and Year 11 students Elena and Damjan Vezenkoski went to Ireland for a week in order to work on the Erasmus+ project called “EngLife”. Strengthening schools in preparing students to effectively communicate in English Project “EngLife” aims to strengthen schools in preparing students to effectively communicate in English…

Ms Ljubica Krstić welcomed in Greece among others EngLife project team coordinators

As part of the Erasmus+ EngLife project, Ms Ljubica Krstić, English teacher, together with project team coordinators from Ireland, Poland, Greece and Italy participated in a second transnational project meeting held in the Platon school of Katarini, in Greece. On this occasion, the methodological approaches “Project Based Learning – Problem Solving – Blended Learning –…

International School’s teachers participate in the EngLife international Erasmus+ project

From 31 May to 3 June, International School teachers were guests of LO Dubiecko in Poland as part of the EngLife project, which aims to implement educational technologies in an innovative way, to improve the digital and professional skills of English teachers who teach students from 14 to 17 years of age. During this trip,…

The next stage of the EngLife project – workshops on digital readiness led by International School teachers

From Monday, 27 September, to Wednesday, 29 September, the International School welcomed partners from Ireland, Italy, Poland, Greece and Estonia who are part of the Erasmus project on implementing the innovative EngLife methodology.

Hosting the first Transnational Project Meeting – EngLife: Strengthening Teachers’ Digital Readiness for a Lifetime English Language Education

On Monday, 27 September, an International project meeting for EngLife funded by Erasmus+ was held on the premises of International School. International School hosted partners from Ireland, Italy, Poland, Greece, and Estonia.

International School in an Erasmus+ project – empowering technology-based language learning for the classrooms of the future

After participating in the Erasmus project “Girls Go Circular”, the International School once again justifies its success! This time, we are empowering our teachers to go above and beyond and create new teaching strategies using technology.

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