ErasmusSchool stories

On Monday, 27 September, an International project meeting for EngLife funded by Erasmus+ was held on the premises of International School. International School hosted partners from Ireland, Italy, Poland, Greece, and Estonia.

Project EngLife at International School

This was the first of many meetings to be held during this project which focuses on the implementation of innovative EngLife methodology, with the aim of improving English language teaching by using the latest technology.

We strengthen our teachers’ digital readiness for a lifetime education in English

The EngLife project was established with the aim to develop professional capacities of English teachers and enforce efficient and active use of information technology in order to improve the teaching process. During this project, teachers obtain necessary knowledge and skills for implementing innovative teaching approaches, which they pass along to their colleagues.

The EngLife methodology, which is the foundation of this project, is a way to improve teaching practice by adequately using educational technology, thus raising the quality of lessons to a higher level.

Partner Project Coordinator from Italy, Ms Savina Moniaci expressed her impressions of the meeting:
All the guests were welcomed by Ms Zorana Živanović and her skilled team. We all profited from the expertise of the International School’s staff in involving an active correlation of all subjects with a particular view to the international dimension and to compulsory foreign language acquisition.

The school principal, Ms Zorana Živanović, also shared her impression: Zorana Živanović

“It is wonderful to see all our foreign associates in Serbia, despite the global pandemic situation, and to have the opportunity to share examples of good practice from previous years, in order to influence the improvement of the quality of teaching using state-of-the-art technology. It is a great honor to host partners from Poland, Estonia, Greece, Ireland and Italy and to establish the basis for long-term cooperation.”


We believe that this collaboration will bring excellent results in the field of improving our teachers’ competencies, and thus improving the teaching process itself. Focus on development, as well as constant professional improvement and advancement are an imperative at International School, since we want the students who enrol at International School to be taught by credible teachers who will on their own examples show that learning is one of the key values that lead us through life.

EngLife project – another confirmation of International School’s quality

Participation in internationally recognised Erasmus projects is a confirmation of International School’s quality and determination to enable teachers and students to obtain international competencies and advance continuously.

The Strengthening Teachers’ Digital Readiness for a Lifetime English Language Education project will enable International School teachers and students to advance and gain vast knowledge and experience, which is why they share the joy and willingness to participate in Erasmus projects.

International School teachers are their students’ role models

International School strives to inspire their students to embrace lifelong learning and growth, and how would we pass on these values to children, if not by following them? Our students can look up to their teachers and learn a valuable lesson – one should never stop learning!