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We have great news for parents who wish to provide their children with the most modern international education in primary school: the International School has received accreditation from Cambridge Assessment International Education and the Ministry of Education for the Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme.

By introducing this programme, we are giving parents the opportunity to secure a top-quality education in accordance with international standards for their children from an early age. The Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme enables children to gain knowledge and skills that will benefit them in their future educational and personal paths.

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A programme that prepares students for global goals

Cambridge International Lower Secondary is designed for students aged 11–14, i.e. Years 7, 8 and 9 (or grades 6, 7 and 8 in the Serbian system), and students can enrol after completing Year 6 (or primary school grade 5).

The Cambridge Lower Secondary programme enables International School students to gain not only cutting-edge skill and knowledge, but also diplomas and certificates that are beneficial for university admissions and valued by the world’s leading higher education institutions.

A plethora of subjects for top results

This unique and prestigious programme offers an interesting, interdisciplinary, and comprehensive curriculum tailored to the students’ interests and goals and designed to create a lifelong love of learning. Lessons are entirely in English, which affects the students’ language fluency and is highly important for success in an international environment.

Apart from core subjects, students can attend creative courses like Art & Design and those that are significant for functioning in the modern world, such as Digital Literacy. Moreover, the course offers interesting extracurricular activities designed to teach students how to implement their skills and knowledge in a creative and fun manner.

Continuing to develop our vision of modern education

The introduction of the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme is proof that the International School is continuing to accomplish its goal to provide students of all age groups and backgrounds with top-quality education in accordance with international standards.

The Cambridge Lower Secondary programme is another step forward International School’s mission to be the best school when it comes to teacher expertise, teaching approach, and the use of educational technology.

We are looking forward to welcoming new students to the International School family, and helping them achieve academic excellence in the best universities around the world!

Apply now and enjoy early bird registration benefits!

Enrolment in the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme for 2022 is underway! Use the early bird enrolment benefits and save up to 35% per year on tuition fees!

Given that each Year has one small-sized class, vacancies are quickly filled.
So take this opportunity to secure top-quality international education for your child in the most prestigious lower-school programme.


Primary school students, welcome to the International School!