When choosing a school for their child, parents try to provide the child with a positive school environment and a quality education, which is why this decision must be well thought-out, having in mind all factors that make a school a suitable environment for your child in such a sensitive period of development.

At International School you can find the Cambridge programme for upper primary grades (Cambridge Lower Secondary, age 11-14) and a secondary programme (Cambridge Secondary Advanced, age 14-19), which once again corroborates the quality of International School.

Cambridge Lower Secondary – the most comprehensive education for your upper primary student and an ideal foundation for further education

Cambridge International Lower Secondary is a programme which focuses on the child and on its comprehensive development. The programme was conceived so as to develop the students’ competencies, knowledge, creativity, life skills, and to bring overall wellbeing. Students who attend this programme develop fundamental skills which are required for success outside the school, since this personalised programme gives them numerous opportunities for further development in the field of education.

You have a chance to give your child the most contemporary world-class education in the region at fairly low prices. In addition, when they graduate from secondary school and successfully pass all the exams, your child will obtain a worldwide recognised diploma that opens the doors to world’s most prestigious universities.

You can get answers to all questions related to your child’s enrolment into International School from our expert counsellors if you dial 011/40-11-220, or if you fill in the non-binding online form after which our counsellors will contact you. On the other hand, if you are wondering why International School should be your choice, you will find the answer below.

1. Lessons in English

Studying in English improves students’ possibilities, but it can also be quite challenging. Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme gives students a chance to understand new concepts, and it boosts their confidence to express themselves as they make progress in learning English. By implementing a foreign language into teaching while students are still very young, its further practical use in communication becomes higher in quality.

2. Natural transition from primary education

Cambridge International Lower Secondary gives students a chance to keep up with the curriculum designated for the transition period between primary and secondary education in a constructive manner. This enables students to adapt more easily, as well as to effectively implement the already acquired skills onto higher levels of further education.

3. More possibilities for further education

The concept of Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme is such that it encourages an open community, which is achieved by teaching in the most commonly used language in the world. This approach is also efficient because it easily opens the doors for further education in an international environment anywhere in the world. This is important not only because communication is necessary, but also because students are given more chances and options for success.

4. A variety of different subjects

The Cambridge International Lower Secondary curriculum (link) has been designed according to the global education standards, and it contains a broad span and choice of subjects. As such, it presents students with different challenges and prepares them for various potentials that this programme will enable in the future.

Besides main subjects – English Language, Mathematics, and Science, the programme also contains a variety of important subjects such as Art and Design, Digital Literacy, and Global Perspectives, all of which contribute to the international and multidisciplinary conception of this module.

5. Global community with credibility

Having enrolled into the Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme, a student enters the Cambridge Pathway, and thus joins the global student community that contains more than 10,000 schools in over 160 countries. By developing a global and multicultural world view, the goal of International School is to prepare students for success in a world that is constantly and rapidly changing. The main idea of this programme is to cherish the local culture, all the while having in mind the position of the student in a global context.

6. Lessons specially adjusted to age

Each Cambridge International Lower Secondary curriculum covers the ages from 11 to 14 which, in this module, stands for Year 7 to Year 9. Depending on when the student starts with the programme, the lessons are adjusted to their competencies, needs, and age.

7. Preparation for IGCSE exams

When students reach the age of 14, they move onto the Upper Secondary programme, which is a two-year period of preparation for the Cambridge programme final qualification – the IGCSE exams in Year 11. Cambridge International Lower Secondary represents a comprehensive preparation for these exams during the ensuing phase, thus enabling students to successfully pass them and effectively continue their Cambridge programme education. IGCSE exams are part of the International School programme for secondary students, and their goal is to provide credibility for education in top-notch academic institutions.

8. A holistic curriculum

The programme presents students with a possibility to make a personalised combination of main and extensive courses, and such concept allows them to gain a deep and thorough knowledge in subjects they are particularly interested in, while they devote less time to other subjects. Such programme allows students to devote their attention and find subjects they are really good at. This automatically translates into the best possible results in tests and improved chances for a higher education. In addition to main subjects organised according to the Cambridge International curriculum, students are free to choose a subject among many extensive courses according to their affinities.

9. Support towards an active learning approach

Cambridge International Lower Secondary teaching approach aspires to turn students into future successful people who are prepared for the contemporary world. Through different forms of active interaction with their teachers, students develop their critical thinking, cooperation and communication skills by showing their creativity, exploring and questioning the world around them.

10. First-rate learning resources

Students who attend the Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme have access to the best textbooks approved by education experts and evaluated by strict criteria. We have ensured that the materials that students use are in harmony with Cambridge International Lower Secondary curriculum, and that they have the necessary focus on knowledge and skills according to their age. In order to stay faithful to the programme’s flexibility, we encourage teachers to use various methods and resources in class so as to provide a top-quality educational support for their lessons.

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All the mentioned reasons are the criteria that parents have in mind as they choose the school for their child, and International School is based on these exact criteria, as well as on world-class standards which are proven to be the best for a child’s development within a school system. You, as any other devoted parent, want your child to have a high-quality education, and thus improve their chances for a successful future.

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