The International School strives to approach students as lifelong learners. In order to prepare them to become citizens of the world, the school not only enables students to have academic competencies, but also provides them with skills on how to become communicators and active participants in the world around them. For this reason, the International School, together with its students, strives to make its surroundings a better place.

The International School acts in compliance with the strict regulations set by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), whose goal is to encourage and involve people in the preservation and development of our natural environment through educational activities.

In order to adhere to these strict rules and contribute to making this world a better place, the International School keeps its daily activities environmentally friendly by:

  • using modern technologies in its classes and administrative work. As a “paperless school” it makes sure that no trees are cut on its behalf because deforestation is one of the biggest environmental concerns of our time;
  • being a modern and well-insulated building. It uses its energy efficiently, making sure that none of it goes to waste;
  • having sensors that regulate heat emission and accordingly adjust the indoor temperature so that the school’s carbon footprint is kept at the lowest rate;
  • employing a lighting system especially designed to be energy efficient: energy-saving light bulbs and movement sensors which regulate the use of power in each classroom;
  • using ergonomic furniture and equipment, chairs whose height can be adjusted to that of the student, which improves their posture and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Creative teaching and interdisciplinary lessons allow our students to learn about environmentalism through different kinds of fun, creative and interactive activities like: keeping track of how much energy is wasted, exploring the possibilities of using natural and renewable resources, learning about endangered species, conservation measures, polluted regions and environmentally friendly countries, exploring chemical formulas of greenhouse gasses and the ways to decrease their emission.

As it cultivates the awareness and worldview of students through education, the International School provides them with the necessary insight into why environmental protection is important, now more so than ever. By implementing existing techniques, tweaking them and seeking out new and better solutions and innovative approaches, students are encouraged to do their part for our planet by taking part in simple yet significant efforts to preserve our natural resources.

All of our students are active participants in their own education process. This is why the International School has its own Eco-Committee. The International School’s Eco-Committee focuses on raising awareness about the following issues: climate change, flora and fauna conservation, the efficient use of energy, the consequences of waste and importance of recycling, alternative forms of transportation, the importance of clean water as a natural resource as well as the global consequences of individual actions.

Meet the Chairpersons of our Eco-Committee : Aleksandra Ivanović and Lana Lukić

The International School’s Eco-Committee is in charge of conducting a sustainability audit at the beginning and at the end of the school year. According to their analysis of the school’s compliance with the ecological regulations, the Action Plan is made. In their regular meetings, our Eco-Committee evaluates the actions taken by all the people in the school community and beyond. This way, the International School, its students, teachers and all other associates make sure that their actions have a positive effect on the environment and that they raise the awareness of the people around them about the importance of such efforts.


#EcoSchool: Students made creative posters about environmental protection

We are very proud of our students that are actively taking part in Eco-School projects. This time, students created and designed posters that are now located in the hallways of the International School, reminding every visitor about the importance of environmental protection.

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