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We are very proud of our students that are actively taking part in Eco-School projects. This time, students created and designed posters that are now located in the hallways of the International School, reminding every visitor about the importance of environmental protection.


How did our students approach the task?

Our students Aleksandra Ivanović, Lana Lukić, Gala Milutinović, Isidora Šušović, Mina Pavlović, Sofija Šćepanović, Sofija Jovanović, and Teodora Obradović, are raising awareness about the following issues: climate change, flora and fauna conservation, the efficient use of energy, the consequences of waste and importance of recycling, alternative forms of transportation, the importance of clean water as a natural resource, as well as the global consequences of individual actions. 

Stay tuned for new exciting news about our Eco-School project and accomplishments!