International School offers Cambridge International Upper Secondary and Advanced qualifications.

Secondary education represents a pivotal checkpoint for students on their Cambridge Pathway since it provides them with valuable knowledge and skills for pursuing higher education. International School implements two Cambridge International secondary school qualifications – Upper Secondary (IGCSE subjects) and Advanced level (A-level subjects).

While IGCSE subjects are designed for students aged 14–16 to provide them with broader secondary school education, Advanced level subjects are designed as a pre-university programme for students aged 16–19, with an aim to prepare them for specific programme studies. Each curriculum lasts for two academic years.

Courses and tuition fees

IGCSE – age 14–16

  • IGCSE First Language English
  • IGCSE English as a Second Language
  • IGCSE French
  • IGCSE Spanish
  • IGCSE German
  • IGCSE Mathematics
  • IGCSE Information and Communication Technology
  • IGCSE Physics
  • IGCSE Biology
  • IGCSE Chemistry
  • IGCSE Business Studies
  • IGCSE Economics
  • IGCSE History
  • IGCSE Geography

A-level – age 16–19

  • A-level English Language
  • A-level Mathematics P1-P3-S1-S2
  • A-level Information Technology
  • A-level Computer Science
  • A-level Psychology
  • A-level Physics
  • A-level Biology
  • A-level Chemistry
  • A-level Economics
  • A-level Business
  • A-level History
  • A-level Geography
  • A-level Sociology

Tuition for one academic year includes 7 subjects in IGCSE curriculum and 3 subjects and AS Global perspectives in the A-level curriculum.

Additional subjects can be chosen for 800 EUR per subject.


  1. IGCSE First Language English or IGCSE English as a Second Language
  2. IGCSE Mathematics
  3. 2 sciences: IGCSE Information and Communication Technology, IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Biology or IGCSE Chemistry
  4. 2 social sciences: IGCSE Business Studies, IGCSE Economics, IGCSE History or IGCSE Geography
  5. IGCSE Global Perspectives

Advanced nivo

  1. A-level English Language
  2. AS Global perspectives
  3. At least 1 science: A-level Information Technology or A-level Computer Science, A-level Psychology, A-level Physics, A-level Biology, A-level Chemistry, A-level Mathematics P1-P3-S1-S2
  4. At least 1 social science: A-level Economics, A-level Business, A-level History, A-level Geography, A-level Sociology
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