At International School, teachers work with students continually, throughout the school year. Students receive concrete tasks from their teachers and are engaged in specifically designed educational activities and cooperation with the other students. Each student has a mentor that helps with advice, providing emotional support and academic authority. Teachers pay attention to each student individually, either to discover and nourish their talents or provide support in the learning process. Combining individual, team and mentor approaches to learning has proven to yield best results.

Therefore, the teaching process in the General Education Department within the National Programme is organised in such a way that the professors can get to know each of the students well, devote themselves to each of them, and discover their talents or possible difficulties they may have in the learning process.


International School has opted for a modern approach, recognising digital literacy as a competence sine qua non of the 21st century. Electronic learning over the internet (aka: online learning, e-learning) provides numerous opportunities to students in terms of development of their knowledge and skills, which are adapted to their age and needs. In the modern, fast-paced world, it is important to acquire not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. This understanding has prompted us to adapt our teaching approach to the contemporary learning styles, while insisting on cultural, creative and physical engagement of our students. Thus, with the International School secondary school certificate, our students can further their education at any tertiary education programme, both in Serbia and abroad, fully prepared to face the academic challenges.

Contemporary approach to teaching methodology

Contemporary approach to teaching material

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