This website has a very simple and clear policy regarding the privacy of users: we do not share personal information or email addresses with anyone.

Visitors to the site who sign up to receive notifications can be sure that their data is kept safe. Visitors who leave their email address when contacting International School Savremena will always be asked for permission in case we want to publish their address or message on our website. Email addresses of those who write to us will not be published unless they personally allow us to do so.

In addition, a user can visit the site anonymously, unless they personally provide us with their data, such as: name, email address… or until they personally sign up for reports, newsletters and manuals prepared by International School Savremena. Namely, does not use any programs that can read personal data from the user’s computer without the user’s permission.

We store data carefully

We carefully store all user data located on this website including email addresses.

The way we deal with personal users information is very clear: we do not sell, rent, share or show personal user data, including email addresses, to a third party. At the same time, we invest great effort to fully protect and safeguard all the information obtained from users.

Cookies in your web browser

If you use our website, cookies will be stored on your computer in order to facilitate and customise the use of our website.

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file the webpage stores on the hard drive of your computer (if your browser permits), which is later retrieved for the purpose of identification. Cookies facilitate the use of a webpage and enhance the functioning of a website. Of course, you are free to decline our cookies, if your browser permits. In that case, however, our website will not recognise your computer and you may not have access to all parts of the website.

In partnership with third-party advertising networks, we advertise ourselves on other websites. As part of their service, they store a separate cookie on your computer. Your personal identification information or information on your online courses will not be disclosed to any third-party ad server. Together with a third-party ad server, we collect and use information about you that is not personal identification information, but information on the IP address, browser type, the server to which your computer is connected, area and postal codes that are connected to your server and whether you responded to a particular ad. The third party may use the cookie to show you ads.


We do not rent, sell or exchange your personal information with other people or nonaffiliated companies for marketing purposes (including direct marketing purposes) without your permission. We may use and share information that is not your personal information for marketing purposes, including, but not limited to marketing on other websites. For example, we can use the information to control how many times you will see an ad, send ads customised to your interests and measure the efficiency of advertising campaigns. Deleting cookies can prevent us from customising our ads to your interest on other websites.

User protection

In order to protect the users of the website, we reserve the right to investigate and report any misuse of the website and launch legal actions to the greatest extent permitted by law.

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