The International School has always helped those in need. For many years, the students of the International School have been showing their good heart through many humanitarian and environmental activities.

Every couple of months, each class together with their class teacher buys food, clothes, hygienic supplies and other items for the children at drop-in centres. Once the presents are collected, the school organises a visit to the home and the students hand the gifts to the children.

With the help of our students, the children from the Drinka Pavlović Home for Children and Youth without Parental Care can undoubtedly have a somewhat happier childhood. The responsible and dedicated students are involved in a volunteering project – they hold workshops after school in which they talk to the children about the things they are most interested in.

Showing kindness and helping the children in dire straits feel loved and cared for are more than just important activities at the International School – it is a part of the school life and the most important lesson for our students. Encouraging students to get involved in the community and volunteering to help those who are less fortunate helps them develop a sense of gratitude and self-worth.

The value of doing charitable and humanitarian acts for others is tremendous, and the students of the International School take pride in knowing that their actions are making someone else happy.

Our students are always involved in supporting vulnerable members of society, whether it is preparing Christmas presents for them, collecting warm clothes and hygienic supplies or organising creative workshops for children from drop-in centres.


Whenever possible, students and teachers participate in activities dedicated to children’s inclusion. Through cooperation and solidarity, students had the opportunity to be trained by people with disabilities to work as bartenders and waiters, but also to participate with them in creative workshops where they learnt a lot of new skills, e.g. how to do embroidery.

Students of the International School are encouraged to be open-minded and caring. By helping others, our students show empathy and responsibility towards others.

We can agree that student activism is not entirely about helping the ones from vulnerable parts of the community. It is essential to help each other, which is something the International School fosters to a high degree. This is why we have initiated a fantastic project, Peer Tutoring, designed to help students outperform in their assessments with a growth mindset! A peer tutor is a schoolmate who can help other students with a particular subject they’re struggling with.

Environmental activism

The International School also encourages students to live a “green” lifestyle, both at home and at school. This is why the International School has its own Eco-Committee – a committee formed by our students and for our environment. The Eco-Committee conducts regular sustainability audits and through their meetings, our students come up with many activities for improving their school and local environment.

The International School acts in compliance with strict regulations set by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), whose goal is to encourage and involve people in the preservation and development of our natural environment through educational activities.

This way, the International School, its students, teachers and all other associates make sure that their actions have a positive effect on the environment and that they raise the awareness of the people around them about the importance of such efforts.

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