For International School’s students the future is already here

E-Learning, or internet-mediated learning, has been one of the major breakthroughs in the process of transforming traditional education.

Practice has shown that the pedagogic and didactic significance of this mode of learning is quite considerable.

Given the ever-modern and forward-thinking nature of our school, we believe it is our responsibility to raise awareness about the necessity of educational reform, to use all of the advantages e-learning has to offer and to share our knowledge and extensive experience in the field of distance education.

Online courses – an additional benefit for our students

Besides attending traditional lessons in classrooms, we have provided our students with the possibility of attending additional courses on the online learning platform. Regardless of their location and the time of day, thanks to our platform, students and their parents can access interactive learning materials, attend chat consultations with teachers and do tests with a view to complementing their acquired knowledge.

Through the platform, students can access free online courses to master numerous other skills not designated by the curriculum and raise their knowledge to a higher level.

The platform can be accessed 24/7. Our team of renowned educators, software engineers, programmers, administrators, authors of online courses, counselors and psychologists have invested years-worth of their time and expertise into making this platform. In charge of its development and impeccable operation, as well as user support, is our teaching staff and a team of 15 engineers. The platform also includes videos, audio recordings, interactive applications with software-use tutorials, and it enables real-time communication with teachers over the Internet.

Throughout the school year, students have a wealth of courses at their disposal. During the first month following activation, students will receive full support from their teachers for said courses. Depending on their interests, they can attend all the courses they want, completely free of charge.

To see the functionality and ease of use of the online platform for assistance in learning in action, view the eLearning demo:

(If you would like to follow the eLearning demo in English, use the option Subtitles/CC in the video’s lower right corner.)

eLearning offers high quality knowledge designed to suit coming generations

Compared to traditional teaching, the e-learning method has many advantages. E-learning does away with the temporal and spatial constraints of teaching while it increases its quality, interactivity and versatility. Students can access relevant information whenever they want, they are left with more time to do independent work and exchange information and opinions with teachers and amongst each other. This way, a lesson at school provides more room for personalised contact and interaction.

Also, the platform provides the most efficient and objective way of assessing one’s own knowledge after covering a unit or a module, through tests that clearly indicate how much has actually been learned. The system will automatically calculate the percentage value, the number of points, and indicate the errors that you have made, so that you can go back and cover that part of the material anew.

Experience has shown that internet-mediated learning offers a great number of benefits. All that remains is to introduce such innovations into education and to make use of the possibilities they provide. For our students, this is already a reality.

You can view instructions for using the platform here.

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