Thanks to its modern approach, International School successfully prepares students for the highest accomplishments, while its building is located at Vračar, near the Church of Saint Sava.

Behind its simple façade, this modern four-storey building with discreet contours at Vračar hides a space adapted to modern learning. Classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art teaching tools and interactive boards, while the ergonomic furniture keeps up with the teaching dynamics thanks to its flexibility. On the topmost floor there is a spacious learning centre, which provides students with a stimulating environment for individual and research work, along with the access to an e-library containing more than 30,000 books. On the ground floor there is a space for relaxation and leisure, where students and teachers can spend their time outside the classrooms. Special occasions, school events, guest lectures and staff meetings are held at the amphitheatre on the first floor.

Take a look at this interesting video and see what International School classrooms look like.

Building exterior

Since International School is a future-ready school, the exterior of our building on Šumatovačka Street follows the contemporary architecture trends and is an ideal combination of a modern façade with granite ceramics and vast glass surfaces.

Entrance and reception

The entrance hall is paved with granite ceramic tiles and it takes you to the main school entrance and the amphitheatre. Our modern reception is a place where you will get all necessary information while talking to our courteous staff.

Our classrooms

Our classrooms at Vračar, just like the ones at Beograđanka, are equipped with modern school furniture: desks that come in different shapes and dimensions, and chairs made by renowned manufacturers that follow the principles of human factors and ergonomics. This functional furniture aims to maintain modern teaching methods while applying innovative technologies in the field of education.

Having in mind how important natural light is for working and studying, especially when students spend the most part of their day at school, we have implemented LED lights into all rooms at International School. The fact that the light spectre of these light bulbs is the closest to natural sunlight confirms their positive impact on human health, and they are the best option for the human eye.

Besides, LED light bulbs do not radiate, do not flicker, and do not contain any substances which are harmful for human health and environment, such as lead, mercury, etc. For all the mentioned reasons, LED lighting is an extremely healthy source of light, and we want our students to have the best possible work and study conditions.

Learning centre and library

A work-and-study oasis on Šumatovačka can be found on the topmost floor of the building, in a quiet and peaceful nook overlooking the schoolyard. The comfortable interior is equipped with ergonomic furniture, which enables individual and group work, and provides a high level of comfort during studying.

Relaxation area

Our relaxation and leisure space for Cambridge International students lies on the first level of the building. The space for relaxing must be comfortable and pleasant to be in, and this is enabled by an inflow of fresh air and excellent ventilation system. A separate unit within this gym and play zone is a place where you can find comfortable video-game chairs, table football, and a computer centre with lots of laptops.

School restaurant

The motive that we had when we designed the school restaurant at Vračar was to create a relaxing, enjoyable environment. The interior is dominated by interesting chandeliers and green surfaces. The sitting furniture are organized as booths, so as to achieve comfort in a place where meals are shared and enjoyed.

Visit International School’s premises at Vračar

The doors of International School are open for everyone, and you can book your visit by sending an email on or dialling 011/4011 220.

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