There are two phases for admission:

Phase one

If the potential student has successfully passed the test and the interview with the psychologist, and if the agreement has been reached regarding terms of education, the second phase commences.

Phase two

  • Completed application for admission
  • Signed Agreement between International School and the student and the parents/guardians
  • Delivering the necessary documentation:
    • Birth certificate / Passport
    • Medical certificate of intellectual and physical ability to attend school
    • Confirmation of settlement of the first instalment, semi-annual tuition or full tuition
  • For enrolment into the requested primary school grade:
    • certificate of completion for the 5th grade of primary school if the child attended a national programme, or
    • certificate of achievement for Year 6 if the child attended the Cambridge programme (preferably the Statement of result for Cambridge Primary), or
    • certificate of achievement for Year 5 if the child attended the K12 system
  • For enrolment into the requested secondary school grade:
    • certificate of completing primary school for enrolment into the 1st grade, or
    • certificate of completing the previous secondary school grade for enrolment into higher grades

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