Excellent results of the Health and PE Programme

Exercise has always been the safest way for young people to improve their health and strike a physical and mental balance. To this end, the International School is implementing the Health and Physical Education Programme, an advanced PE programme and one of many educational activities that make this school special, truly different, and committed to the mission of providing students with the best possible education.

The programme was designed for International School students and adjusted to modern teaching principles implemented by the school since day one.

Compared to regular PE lessons, this approach offers more content, instils a love of sports and exercise in students, and raises their awareness about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Why is the Health and PE Programme more than physical education?

Unlike standard PE lessons in which students engage in physical activities designed for all students, Health and PE is a combined programme that offers a series of compatible practical and theoretical teaching elements designed to raise the students’ awareness about the importance of sports and recreation and their positive impact on physical and mental health.

5 ways in which this programme improves students’ health and physical wellbeing

1. A plethora of sports and recreational activities tailored to student needs and wants

We offer a wide range of physical activities students can choose according to their interests and abilities.

If you are a fan of gymnastics but aren’t interested in team sports, you won’t be required to practice basketball or football, which will allow you to focus on your gymnastics skills. If you are skillful with a ball but aren’t interested in gymnastics, you will have the opportunity to develop your basketball, football, or volleyball skills without having to do forward rolls, cartwheels, or somersaults.

2. Teacher consultations regarding choice of activity

However, sometimes children want to engage in sports that are not suitable to their physical condition and ability. Therefore, we have trained coaches and teachers who will help students make the best choice of activity. This way, a student who wanted to play basketball could end up being a top volleyball player.

3. Connecting anatomy and biology for a clearer picture of the importance of regular exercise

Young people who are aware of the positive effects of sports are more motivated to engage in regular exercise. So, the Health and PE Programme includes theoretical biology and anatomy lessons specifically designed to expand the students’ knowledge and raise their awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

4. Tips and programmes for a balanced diet – an integral part of a healthy lifestyle

Depending on their physical condition, each student will work with their teacher to develop a balanced diet plan, which is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Creating an individual diet plan is particularly interesting as it allows students to combine knowledge in different subjects and everyday practices.

Measuring the nutritional value of ingredients and knowing which ingredients to combine for maximum performance requires knowledge in botany, mathematics, anatomy, and sports. Moreover, it requires students to monitor their condition and strength, and develop new skills.

5. The Health and PE Programme offers useful knowledge and forms healthy life habits

Health and PE will provide students with knowledge and sports skills they will use long after they’ve finished school. The programme is designed so as to teach students about the importance of regular exercise.

In the Health and PE Programme, the students will learn:

  • How to take care of their mind and body;
  • How their muscles function and what exercises fit their lifestyle;
  • How to plan their diet and monitor their health;
  • How to measure physical condition progress;
  • How to acquire habits for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good quality of life.

A safe way to physical and mental health in truly different PE lessons

A blend of carefully and expertly guided physical activities, useful biology and anatomy knowledge, and interesting analyses of the benefits of healthy diet – all of this makes Health and PE a gateway to a healthy life and a platform for developing individual and social skills.

So, Health and PE is yet another in a series of activities that make the International School a truly different school in which students learn about the importance of health and how to nourish it throughout their life.

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