Students of International School have the option to follow all the lessons held at the school via the live stream and live archive on the DL platform.

After logging into the DL platform using their account credentials, the students can view the lessons which are live at the moment. If there are no live lessons, the students can visit the LiveClass archive, which contains all the lessons held in the previous three years.
So, let’s say a student is ill but wants to keep up with the school material. No problem – all the lessons are available online just a click away.

A video reminder of all the lessons and interesting things taught by the teachers

If, while preparing for a test, a student wants to revise a part of a lesson that they don’t have in their notebooks, they can rewind their teacher by finding the lesson on the DL platform.

The videos for all the lessons are available in the LiveClass archive of the DL platform, and are arranged by time and date, with the most recent ones at the top.

In the LiveClass archive, the students can create lists with their favourite lessons, as well as those they wish to watch. They can add or delete a playlist at any point. Also, here they can find all the lessons they have already watched.

Why are live lessons great for the students’ development?

In summary, the benefits of online school lessons are numerous:

  • the students can revise any lesson 24/7,
  • all they require to view the lessons is a computer, laptop or mobile phone, and an internet connection,
  • if unable to attend a lesson, the students can watch the live lessons from any location both in Serbia and abroad,
  • the students feel less pressure to remember or record everything during the lessons, as they can easily revise anything they want,
  • this enables the students to develop their digital skills and abilities.

Championing an interesting yet simple approach to learning, International School has provided the students with this feature so they could view, at all times and from any location, everything that is presented in school lessons, proving that the learning process at International School truly is different.

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