Cambridge International Lower Secondary is a programme designated for students aged 11–14 and, based on the British educational system, entails Year 7 to Year 9. Translated into Serbian terms, this means that the programme covers grades from 6th to 8th. The reason behind this is that Cambridge International Lower Secondary gives students a high-quality education based on the highest global standards. Students are also given the edge over many other students when applying for the best international schools and universities.

The idea of this programme is to function as the first module of the transition period towards secondary education. It was developed according to international markers and ensures thorough reports for parents on student performance, which further enables validity outside of school. The main purpose of Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme is to prepare students for IGCSE courses in Upper Secondary grades, in accordance with Cambridge International standards. The quality of this programme stems from a flexible, personalised curriculum whose comprehensiveness gives students enough space to focus on gaining knowledge and preserving skills in those fields that are compatible with their educational aspirations.

Progress report as a future certificate

As they attend Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme, students have a chance to creatively and constructively test their knowledge by completing Progression tests at their own pace. Progression tests track progress of students’ knowledge and skills in core subjects (English as a first and second language, Mathematics, and Science) at the given moment. 

The students that pass Progression tests receive proof of positive evaluation in the form of a Progress report that contains a scale on which the child’s progress status is marked – Bronze/Silver/Gold. With this certificate, students not only gain insight into the progress of their knowledge, but they also receive a proof which credits their efforts for the purposes of further education. Along with the certificate, as an obligatory addition comes a detailed report about the test. This report contains information about the total number of points, marks in every subject, as well as a confirmation of completing the tests in all areas.

Statement of achievement as final prestige

The set of tests and certificates that are available to Cambridge International Lower Secondary students also contains Checkpoint tests which are taken at the end of Year 9. They represent the proof of having finished the last stage of this programme on the Cambridge Pathway. Checkpoint test is an external examination that is taken so that teachers could assess students’ knowledge both in core subjects and in Global Perspectives.

As a proof of passing the test, along with the prestigious qualification, students receive the Statement of achievement. This statement provides insight into students’ qualitative characteristics, such as weaknesses and strengths of their current knowledge in core fields. Gaining the Statement of achievement certificate serves as an indicator of having successfully completed the Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme, and thus enables them to prepare for taking prestigious IGCSE tests in upper grades.

IS Lower Secondary diploma as a proof of credibility

Having successfully completed Year 9 and passed the final Checkpoint test, students obtain the International School Lower Secondary diploma as a proof that they have successfully acquired necessary qualifications during their schooling. The diploma comes together with the certificates that Cambridge International issues for passing external assessments.

Owing to this accreditation, students gain credibility and an opportunity to affirm their competencies at higher education institutions that they opt for later in life. At these institutions, students’ versatility will be highlighted, which they have acquired along the Cambridge Pathway.


What can these certificates and the diploma bring to you?

Owing to their unanimously recognised prestige among global educational institutions, the students that acquire the International School diploma after finishing the Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme have access to a great number of benefits, some of which are:

  • opportunity to enroll into a vast number of international schools across the world where they will be treated as individuals with a highly-appreciated educational background;
  • facilitated advancement through further education thanks to formed analytical and creative thinking, in accordance with the most appreciated global standards;
  • smooth transition between primary and secondary education, which helps them adapt more easily to more difficult subjects;
  • focus on different fields that fit their own interests, and appreciation of work ethics.

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