The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) programme is a Cambridge International programme attended by Year 10 and Year 11 students at International School. It is also the most popular international qualification for students aged 14-16 worldwide.

The programme is recognised by leading educational institutions around the globe, which is why it is an international passport to progress and success. It has been developed and tested for the last 25 years and schools all over the world consider it a well-tried path for students’ academic progress.

This programme develops students’ knowledge, understanding, and skills in the following areas:

  • the subject matter
  • application of knowledge in familiar and new situations
  • intellectual curiosity
  • flexibility and adaptability to change
  • working and communicating in English
  • improving their learning outcomes
  • cultural awareness.

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Carefully designed and comprehensive, the IGCSE programme enables students not only to broaden their knowledge, but also to develop creative and critical thinking skills, as well as problem-solving skills. Therefore, the programme is an wonderful springboard for the next, advanced level and for a quality education of your child in general in his/her most intense developmental stage.

Why is the IGCSE programme the right choice for your child and what does it offer him/her?

This complete and globally recognised programme is in line with the global standards for a stimulating, comprehensive, and quality education. By attending the IGCSE programme, students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for them to continue their education and obtain a prestigious international diploma.

However, apart from providing students with international qualifications, one of the main benefits of this programme is that it encourages students’ overall psychological, emotional, and social development. The IGCSE programme provides children with the most comprehensive education in this part of the world and a stimulating environment for a thorough development.

Upon finishing Year 11 and completing the Cambridge IGCSE programme, students obtain Cambridge University’s International Certificate of Education (ICE) diploma and advance to the next level – the so-called Advanced Level or A Level. They have to pass all seven subjects that they took with a satisfactory grade in order to receive this prestigious diploma as a certificate of the knowledge they were acquiring for two years.

The ICE diploma allows students to continue their education in the advanced Cambridge A Level programme, whether they choose to do it at International School or abroad. Not only is the ICE diploma recognised by higher education institutions and employers all around the world as a certificate of exceptional academic achievements, but it is also one of the requirements of the application procedure at many universities.

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