IS Student Council (also known as a student union, associated student body or student parliament) is an organisation of students that represents the student body with its main representative that contributes to making vital decisions about the academic and social aspects of school life.

Why join the Student Council?

As a member of the Student Council at International School, you can contribute to positive change and get your voice heard. Some of the areas that are under the jurisdiction of IS Student Council are:

  1. Community and camaraderie

    IS is all about strengthening the community among students, creating a sense of belonging, constantly contributing, and organising social activities and events following the IS Cambridge Academic Calendar.

  2. Leadership

    One of the core aspects of our International School’s Student Council is developing leadership skills among all its members, learning to take initiative and motivating other students through empathy and understanding to achieve results together.

  3. Service learning

    Service learning is a pedagogical approach that integrates academically relevant service activities that address human and community needs into a course. Students connect their knowledge which is gained in International School curricula from theory to practice by combining service learning with reflection in a structured learning environment.

  4. Event planning

    International School’s Student Council is in charge of organising mindful events that match the important dates in the world to raise awareness amongst the school community, by engaging other students and teachers to commemorate these events.

  5. College credit

    By becoming a member of the IS Student Council, you will get a certification, which is more than welcome within the prestigious universities in the world. It shows skills and characteristics such as dedication, resilience, leadership and empathy.

Student Council Reports

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