Along with being an incomparably modern Cambridge secondary school in Serbia, we are proud to also be one of the few Cambridge Global Perspectives schools in the region. What this means is that our students have the opportunity to take Global Perspectives, a unique and interdisciplinary Cambridge subject.

To put things in a wider perspective, the education that we offer is a result of our unique, innovative and creative approach which, among other things, qualifies us as a Cambridge Global Perspectives School.

Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Working in the Global Perspectives programme, students acquire knowledge and skills in various subjects and learn how to combine those interdisciplinary competencies in order to successfully handle and solve concrete tasks in real-life situations. They are set to explore and learn about contemporary global issues that interest them.

They will conduct their own research, draw conclusions and explore their own perspectives, convictions and frame of mind. The knowledge they gain throughout those processes is both modern and of a highly practical nature.

Here’s an example of what that looks like: to solve a specific task, students may have to combine their knowledge of chemistry, biology and geography. On a different occasion, they may have to tap into what they have learned in subjects like history, international relations and economics.

That is precisely what the Global Perspective programme will teach them – to acquire and combine competencies across the board i.e. in different fields and implement them in order to solve specific tasks and situations. It is those abilities that guarantee success in higher education, whether it be in Serbia or abroad.

Succeed in every way – with these skills

This innovative and stimulating approach sets academic study into an applicable and real-world context. Along with enabling students to cultivate problem-solving skills, independent and critical thinking, this programme allows them to develop the research, communication and collaboration skills needed for success both in their further education and future careers.

If we consider the two most-often criticised features of the Serbian education system, those being the inapplicability of theoretical knowledge and the incompatibility between the demands of the job market and the skills with which students graduate, it is clear that the Global Perspectives programme provides students with an immense advantage over their peers at other schools.

International School has filtered out all such flaws through its interdisciplinary approach and the Global Perspectives programme, making sure that the knowledge imparted is highly practical and that students are provided with a competitive advantage.

By opting for the Cambridge Global Perspectives subject students are given the best possible opportunity to not only receive excellent marks in all of their subjects but to continue their academic pursuit and growth with a bright outlook for a successful career in the future.

International School on CAIE website

International School has appeared on the renowned official Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE) website due to its truly different lessons and innovative approach to teaching.

While describing the excellence of the programme and the creativity of the lessons, the authors particularly underlined the integration of Global Perspectives in the National Programme, aimed at developing critical thinking. Consequently, International School has been included in one of the three unique case studies that have been presented to the world as examples of good practice in education.

To read the entire piece CAIE has published on International School, please visit their website.

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