IB World School is a community that enjoys an excellent reputation and respect both among universities, and employers across Europe, thanks to its comprehensive programme implemented by various high schools around the world. Only schools that have been proven to observe the highest standards of educational quality and values, and that are committed to the continuous development and advancement of education can become members of this elite community.  


IB Diploma program


International School is an institution that meets all the requirements mentioned above, i.e. it implements the highest standards and criteria of secondary education, which is confirmed by the fact that it is accredited by The International Baccalaureate organization. The accreditation made International School eligible for membership at the IB World School Programme, a community that provides the most comprehensive curricula to students around the world, who, after graduation, enroll at the most prestigious world universities, becoming successful academics and accomplished individuals. International School has thus found its way among the select few schools that possess the necessary level of quality to become members of the IB World School Programme, i.e. renowned global educational community.


Given that IB World School is a community with an excellent reputation, students who acquire an IB diploma will also gain unlimited opportunities for academic development and success, as well as the chance to build an international career in their chosen field.

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Being a part of the IB World School community is a great honor, and opportunity to provide our students with a world-class education that will guide them on their academic journey, and help them develop healthy ambitions and high standards in life. International School is dedicated to the continuous development of education, and the IB Diploma Programme is truly an opportunity that simply had to be made available to students of International Schools, given that most of our students continue their education abroad, at some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

What does the International School as IB World School provide to students?

As an IB World School, International School provides its students with the following:

The most comprehensive education in accordance with the globally recognized curriculum that enables students to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge;

Internationally recognized diplomas that ensure admission to the most prestigious universities in Europe and the world;

Developing skills necessary for academic and professional success;

Nurturing multiculturalism and spirit of global citizenship; 

Positive orientation and the desire to achieve the best results in everything they do.


International School is an educational institution dedicated to the continuous improvement of the educational conditions, and increasing educational opportunities of our students after high school, which is why we are part of the global community that strives to provide the most comprehensive education to young people. 

As an IB World School, International School has access to the teaching material and curriculum that not only prepare children for studying at the best universities in the world, but also for life itself.

The knowledge they will acquire in this programme through challenging tasks, skills they will develop and hone in numerous workshops and presentations, enriching experience and perspective on themselves and the world around them they will gain as IB students of International School are a value that should be utilised to the maximum now that it is finally here.

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Let your child be part of the community that introduces positive changes to society through education, development and clear goal-setting: to be successful and excel at everything you do!

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