Another school year has come to an end – and warm summer days are perfect to take a break from everything. However, one should make the best of their free time, provided that they have completed all their school obligations.  

For all those who want to spend their summer vacation doing something useful, acquire new skills that will be applicable when they leave school, and most importantly – earn their very first money by themselves, we present a unique opportunity to do just that.  

Sign up for LINK Summer Jobs and find a perfect summer job for yourself in one of the departments of the LINKgroup company, working during July and August.  

Become one of those high school students who can boast their financial independence, professional skills, excellent time management skills, and an extensive professional resume in the future that will be able to impress any employer!

Fill out the application by June 22  and secure your chance to land your first job in the most in-demand positions at the moment, which will experience an even bigger boom in the future. 

Who knows, maybe you will discover the career of your dreams and your future dream job! 

What is LINK Summer Jobs?

LINK Summer Jobs is a program of part-time seasonal jobs specially adapted for students of the LINK Edu Alliance, aged 15–19. In this way, LEA gives students the opportunity to make the most of their summer vacation, earn their first money and salary, acquire their very first professional experience working in one of the departments of the LINKgroup company, and develop important professional and interpersonal skills that will prove extremely useful in their future careers. 

The Summer Jobs program will be implemented over two months, during the summer vacation. Working 4 hours a day (or 20 hours per week), students will have the opportunity to earn pocket money. Students can decide whether their professional engagement with the employer (LINKgroup) in the chosen position will last one or two months. The shifts change on a monthly basis – from July 1 to August 1; and from August 1 to September 1 depending on the chosen duration of the employment. 

LEA students will have the opportunity to acquire their first professional experience in various positions in Marketing, Human Resources and Production departments – and each job can be adapted to suit their preferences and abilities.  

LINK Summer Jobs is designed to cooperate with a youth cooperative, so students will be paid standardized wages as youth workers.   

For more information about LINK Summer Jobs program, see the regulations.

Who can sign up for LINK Summer Jobs?

Only students of LEA schools (Savremena gimnazija, International School, ITHS) aged 15-19, who have the desire to spend their summer vacation proactively, by doing something constructive that will help their professional development and acquisition of valuable experience, can sign up for LINK Summer Jobs.  

What positions can I apply for?

Students can apply for the following positions in the departments of the LINKgroup company:

Client Service Assistant

  • assistance in organizing documentation in the client service; 
  • organizing student records; 
  • sending, receiving and keeping records of received mail and packages;
  • archiving contracts and providing assistance in clerical duties in the Finance department 
  • Other tasks as ordered by the business mentor

CCD Assistant

  • Helping students create a coherent resume 
  • Providing assistance in writing motivational letters for students’ first jobs;
  • Participating in the organization of seminars and activities 
  • Researching and contacting potential lecturers
  • Helping in the development of e-books and student handbooks 
  • Other tasks as ordered by the business mentor

HR Assistant

    • Communicating and expanding the list of collaborators within the Employee Health and Safety program
    • Copyright tasks related to HR topics 
    • Working on a special project related to employer branding activities 
    • Coordinating and scheduling interviews for the HR department 

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    • Other clerical tasks
    • Other tasks as ordered by the business mentor

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Marketing Assistant

  • Preparing content for social media
  • Taking photographs
  • Offline promotional activities
  • Writing texts
  • Design with mentor’s assistance
  • Other tasks as ordered by the business mentor

Television Assistant (EduTV)

    • Editing content, new and reposted posts on social media of linktv, with the mentor’s help
    • Writing texts for linktv website with mentor’s help
    • Writing and reading voiceover in Serbian and English, with mentor’s help

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    • Journalistic preparation and work in front and behind the camera, with the mentor’s assistance
    • Learning the basics of production, with a mentor’s assistance
    • Other tasks as ordered by the business mentor.

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Why are young people so important in work culture?

Young people, i.e. high school students, may lack actual work experience – but they largely make up for it with quality in all other aspects. 

Young people aged 15-19 are counted among young talents, whose skills and talents are still developing and need work to achieve their full potential – and there is no better way to do this than to give them the opportunity to advance professionally by performing specific tasks.   

In this way, the LINK Edu Alliance promotes the importance of youth in the labor market and demonstrates how important they are in all aspects of modern business. The most important quality of young people is their enthusiasm for learning new things – and it is a two-way process because the main idea of LEA education is to learn from each other while working together.

What do you need to apply?

LINK Summer Jobs is your opportunity to get your first job and the first legitimate part-time professional experience. For this reason, the application process for Summer Jobs is designed to emulate the process of applying for real, full-time jobs.   

To successfully sign up for the LINK Summer Jobs program, you need to take several steps that will guide you through the recruitment process: 

The first step is to fill out the application and express your interest in a certain position. After that, you will be invited to an online job interview, which is the initial step in the candidate selection process, by a LINK HR representative. 

What do you get by applying for LINK Summer Jobs?

In addition to significant professional experience, LEA students will also get a unique opportunity to earn a stimulating income and gain financial independence, doing jobs that can turn into their professional future after graduation.

The experience in the LINK Summer Jobs program has the following benefits:

  • support of your business mentor who will guide you through the work processes
  • stimulating income earned by your own effort
  • acquiring and improving business skills
  • enhancing your resume for future job ads
  • learning effective time management skills
  • building your own professional network
  • developing soft skills (communication, leadership, negotiation, creativity, etc.)
  • exploring different career opportunities
  • learning the basics of effective financial planning

Sign up for LINK Summer Jobs and acquire your first professional experience in an inspiring and stimulating environment

For many high school students, the first job is a major constitutive factor that determines their attitude toward work and money. Therefore, it is important that this experience is stimulating, both in terms of the job itself, knowledge and experience they will acquire, and in terms of the salary, they will be paid for the job they do.

If you want to spend your summer in a constructive way and make the first steps toward building a successful career and high income, LINK Summer Jobs is the right choice, because it will provide you with an unforgettable and positive first experience in the world of work, and an opportunity to try your hand in some of the most in-demand positions and professions. 

Applications are open until June 22, and the number of positions is limited, so hurry up and fill out the application,  proving that you are a strong competitor in the labor market already! 

Become part of the LINK Summer Jobs team and let’s do some business! 

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