The goal of the project “Physical therapy as a tool for developing social-emotional, non-verbal communication and relationships skills of young people with ASD” (PT4ASD) is to empower and improve the capacities of institutions in order to help these young people. The project includes building an online platform to benefit all the people of interest and improve the competencies and professional development of educators who work with students with ASD.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability which often hinders social communication and interaction and affects restricted or repetitive behaviours or interests.

Raising awareness about students with ASD and promoting inclusion

This project also aims to raise awareness about students with ASD and promote inclusion. Applying the methodology for improving communication and social skills through creative games in different languages can be extremely useful for students with ASD. Furthermore, an online handbook will be designed to provide the parents and educators with the support they need.

The project has gathered experts from prestigious organisations from Turkey, Denmark, Spain, Ireland and Greece, while International School has been chosen to participate as a prominent educational institution from Serbia.

Improving motor coordination, social-emotional and nonverbal communication of young people with ASD

The goal is to, by using the best practices, improve the capacity of organisations working with young people with ASD to improve their motor coordination, social-emotional and nonverbal communication, as well as their ability to maintain relationships.

Educators and trainers will learn about the problems that prevent young people with ASD from developing their communication, social and other skills. In addition, they will master the skills to provide help through physical therapy to young people who are dealing with these problems.

Developing innovative methods in the field of education of individuals with ASD, supporting the personal development of students, and increasing the competencies of teachers are just some of the many planned project outcomes.


  • Republic of Türkiye Ministry of National Education – Turkey;
  • Judo Assist Ireland – National Inclusive Judo Organisation – Ireland;
  • Agifodent GROUP – Spain;
  • SOSU Ostjylland – Denmark;
  • PLATON M.E.P.E. – Greece;
  • International School – Serbia;
  • Yeşildüzce Special Education Practice School – Turkey;
  • Hacı Hidayet Türkseven Special Education Practice School – Turkey.

Parent/Teacher Handbook for PT4ASD Erasmus project is ready for dissemination

We’re excited to announce that the Parent/Teacher Handbook for Erasmus project, “Physical Therapy for ASD” (PT4ASD), has been printed and is ready for distribution. This handbook contains a variety of creative and educational games that utilize physical therapy as a means to develop socio-emotional skills, nonverbal communication, and relationship-building abilities in young individuals with autism…

“PT4ASD” training of the trainers held in Granada, Spain

International School representatives, Ms Lora Mitić, Ms Dušanka Anđelović, and Mr Aleksandar Petrović, recently came back from the latest Erasmus+ project meeting held in Granada, Spain. The project, named “PT4ASD” (Physical Therapy as a tool for developing social-emotional, non-verbal communication, and relationship skills of youngsters with ASD), aimed at creating therapeutic games specifically designed for…

PT4ASD project participants met in Denmark

In yet another chapter of participation in the Erasmus+ PT4ASD project, the International School’s representatives embarked on a journey to Aarhus, Denmark. Our school’s psychologist, pedagogue, and Digital Media teacher joined their colleagues from Denmark, Turkey, Ireland, Greece, and Spain for the third project meeting. Over the course of two days, participants gathered at the…

International School representatives went to Ireland for game development ideas for the “PT4ASD” project

After an initial transnational meeting in Turkey, “PT4ASD” project partners gathered in the historical Irish town of Nenagh, in order to create game drafts for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Each partner needed to submit game drafts before the meeting, so that we could all play/test them together, and each game was supposed to have…

International School at the first transnational meeting of participants of the Erasmus+ project PT4ASD in Turkey

All PT4ASD project participants gathered in Düzce, Turkey, on 16 and 17 February for the first transnational meeting. Partners from Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Greece, Serbia and Turkey introduced the schools and organisations they’re coming from and promoted the good practices. Visit to schools in Turkey for people with special needs only The participants discussed project…

International School takes part in another international Erasmus+ project

The International School was chosen once again to represent Serbia in the international Erasmus+ project. The goal of the project “Physical therapy as a tool for developing social-emotional, non-verbal communication and relationships skills of young people with ASD” (PT4ASD) is to empower and improve the capacities of institutions to implement social-emotional and non-verbal communication of…

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