ErasmusPT4ASDSchool stories

In yet another chapter of participation in the Erasmus+ PT4ASD project, the International School’s representatives embarked on a journey to Aarhus, Denmark. Our school’s psychologist, pedagogue, and Digital Media teacher joined their colleagues from Denmark, Turkey, Ireland, Greece, and Spain for the third project meeting.

Over the course of two days, participants gathered at the “SOSU Ostylland” (school for social and healthcare education), in Aarhus. The meeting provided an opportunity for partners from each country to share their progress and insights since the previous gatherings in Turkey and Ireland.

Distribution of responsibilities among partners and planning the next steps for the project’s success

Irish partners gave us the first insight into the Handbook they were preparing. The handbook contains a detailed compilation of the games created during the project, with explanations and instructions, ensuring that the knowledge shared during the project can be effectively disseminated and applied. The handbook draft was discussed amongst the partners, suggesting its improvement.

During the meetings, discussions revolved around the distribution of responsibilities among partners, the establishment of deadlines, and planning the next steps for the project’s success.

The partners had a guided tour of the “SOSU Ostylland” whose well-equipped facilities left a lasting impression and provided a valuable glimpse into how the field of social and healthcare education is supported in Denmark.

Making a positive impact on the lives of children with ASD

International School’s representatives brought with them not only newfound knowledge but also a renewed sense of purpose to further enrich the lives of young people with ASD through physical therapy and enhanced social-emotional communication skills. Stay tuned for more updates as our school continues its journey with the Erasmus+ project, making a positive impact on the lives of children with ASD.