Dear parents,

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to a place where students learn in an engaging, creative and innovative way. The International School is a motivating environment for students who want to access the world of high academic achievements through challenging problem-solving and project-oriented lessons.

In the years behind us, the International School has shown not only that it keeps up with the world of constant changes, but that it also sets standards of quality education and innovative approach to teaching and learning. In a student-oriented environment, where our dedicated teachers focus their attention on our students’ competencies and both academic and personal goals through mentorship and support, I believe that we share the same objectives – the well-being of our students and high academic achievements that open many doors all around the world.  

By recognising and developing talents, fostering multidisciplinary knowledge, international mindedness and honing transformative competencies through many extracurricular activities, our school nurtures future citizens of the world and motivates them to take initiative and become role models for future generations. 

We are excited to work closely with you to ensure the success and well-being of all of our students.


Dear students,

Being a part of your life and watching you mature into hard-working, creative and successful people is a great responsibility, but also a great honour and privilege. The International School will always be there to support and guide you towards reaching the power of using knowledge and skills for shaping the future you want and deserve. Nonetheless, be reminded that with great power comes great responsibility.

Set your standards high, dreams and goals higher, be responsible towards the world around you and always be kind. 


Best wishes,

Tatjana Vilček
Principal of International School

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