International School helps its students prepare and enrol at universities of their choice.

ICE and AICE diplomas constitute an excellent stepping stone for further education, because they bring along a high passing rate for universities in Europe, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa…

However, it is important to know that the student’s AICE results significantly affect their course of studies.

Given that the faculties abroad have certain academic requirements, the students can apply only to the faculties whose requirements they meet.

Watch the video to see what qualifications you require to apply for studies in the USA:


For example, if someone wants to study mathematics at the University of Oxford, the requirement is to have an A* in Mathematics-Further. To study banking and finance at the University of Northampton, the requirement is to have at least a C in Mathematics.

It is important, therefore, to check the university programme requirements before choosing the A-level bundle and reconsider expectations wisely. Also, a student can apply to several faculties or university programmes at the same time and accept the offer they find most fitting.

In order to help the students prepare for the next step which will secure them a successful future, Savremena is organising very useful workshops for Y13 students, in which they will learn how to write a good CV and apply for universities, internships and, eventually, jobs.

We believe that the knowledge acquired through the Cambridge programme along with the internationally recognised diplomas, as proof of their preperedness, will provide our students with an advantage to enrol at any university in Serbia or abroad.

Here are the learning habits students need in order to be successful not only throughout their education, but at their future workplace, as well.


Visit the Cambridge website for more information:

Cambridge AICE Diploma recognition

BridgeU platform

Via this platform, students will be able to search, get informed, and apply to colleges all around the world. They will be provided with support and guidance regarding preparations for the admission process and the application itself. Adequate help in building their profile, writing motivation letters and biographies, and collecting the necessary documentation in the best way possible is provided.

Unique opportunity for IS students: In addition to IS diploma, obtain a USA diploma and ensure higher acceptance rates at the best global universities

During the last two years of their high school education, International School students have an exceptional opportunity to attend the online American school Allison Academy in a flexible, adapted, and interactive manner. Allison Academy is also a member of the LINK edu Alliance. This allows them to obtain the prestigious high school diploma from the state of Florida, which will open doors to the world’s top universities.

With minimal and regular online work and effort, at any time and from anywhere, through the distance learning platform, your child can fulfil all required obligations. Simultaneously, while completing International School, they can earn a diploma from an American high school that is part of our educational system. All they need is an internet connection and a computer or mobile device. In addition all those who apply will receive, as a special gift for achieving this international collaboration, a discount of as much as 80% on the tuition fee.

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