Everyone from teachers to parents and right down to the students themselves plays an important role in a student’s education. In order for parents to actively take part in their child’s academic life, they must be kept up-to-date with all the school events and activities their child is involved in. On the other hand, it is important for students to receive feedback in terms of their progression so that they can steer themselves and be guided towards more effective learning in the future.

For these reasons, International School has developed a reporting system that sends out notifications to students and parents each week and each term which provides them with insight into student marks, conduct, participation, achievements and attained results in various school activities.

A weekly school activity report

Each Friday, students and parents receive the weekly school activity report which illustrates the activities and events the student has taken part in the given week. The report also provides useful information about the student’s active participation, engagement and attained results.

The weekly school activities report contains important information like student marks, attendance, participation and engagement in bonus courses on the DL platform as well as statistics on submitted and unsubmitted homework assignments, all of which is presented in a clear way to give a clear overview to both students and parents on the areas where there is room for improvement.

Report cards – clear accounts of success

The report cards use a grading scale whereby marks attest to the quality of the student’s school work in the previous term. The report also contains teacher comments in terms of the student’s active involvement and in-class participation for the given subject as well as recommendations for what the student should pursue further.

In addition to the final mark in a subject, the individual marks from which the final mark was derived are also provided in the report, along with teacher commendations and suggestions as indispensable assets in every student’s learning process.

What makes the reports so important?

The benefits of our weekly and term reports are truly multidimensional affecting students, parents and teachers and ensuring the highest degree of transparency for all the parties involved.

Thanks to these reports, in a quick and clear way students can:

  • determine which subject needs more of their attention,
  • view their marks, as well as the status of their academic obligations and activities,
  • receive useful tips for how to approach a subject in order to achieve better results in it,
  • receive useful recommendations for further work in order to ensure a successful education.

The report also allows parents to:

  • monitor any changes in their child’s knowledge and behaviour,
  • guide their child and support them in overcoming certain challenges,
  • actively participate in the education process,
  • stay updated with the details of their child’s progression.

The graphic representation of school activities are a great way for both students and teachers to stay updated with the student’s academic engagement. This way, together with teachers, they contribute to the student’s development into an intelligent, creative and versatile individual which is our school’s ultimate objective.

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