Creative, dynamic and interesting – at International School, maths is OK.

Our school’s founder, LINK group, has recently launched an impressive new educational service called OKmathematics, and since both our school and the service fall under the same educational framework, our students will be able to use the maths courses through the unique OKmathematics distance learning platform.

If a student has trouble understanding something or if they fail to ask their teacher for help, they can simply look it up on OKmathematics. This way, knowledge is always just a click away.

What is OKmathematics?

LINK group’s latest educational project, OK mathematics is intended to enable primary and secondary school students to study, understand and master maths in a unique way.

To enable students to learn in an easier, more interesting and interactive way, OKmathematics uses videos – short clips whose format, style and dynamics have been specifically designed to suit today’s viewers accustomed to YouTube.

These materials have been carefully thought-out and professionally filmed, directed and edited in order to transfer particular elements of mathematical knowledge in a clear, concise and precise way. This series of mathematical videos has a natural sequence, which students can follow while studying, with the option of checking their knowledge through tests which accompany the tutorials.

How can our students learn maths?

OKmathematics lessons are taught in a secure hi-tech environment, which enables students to reach maximum results in a short amount of time. All of this is supported by Beehive, an easily accessible online platform which enables you to access thousands of carefully thought-out and superbly created mathematical films, questionnaires, tests, quizzes and other didactic tools.

OKmathematics was designed by ITHS’s creative teachers who will show you how OK maths can be, and teach you how to love it and understand it in all its beauty.



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