Would you like to experience working in marketing, HR, sales, or consulting? Apply for internship at the international company that founded our school!

Following every step of our students, from our school doors to campuses around the world, we wanted to enable them to obtain qualifications and competencies that will secure them a spot at the most prestigious universities and programmes.

The founder of the International School, the international company LINKgroup, a leader in professional education and certification in IT and modern business for more than two decades, has opened LINK INTERNSHIP for the International School, an internship  programme for the students of our school.

Students in Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 will have the opportunity to spend one month in one of the sectors of this international company, where they will learn what it’s like to work in some of the most sought-after fields today – marketing, sales, HR, consulting, etc.

New skills open new possibilities

Research has shown that 87% of respondents claim that students who have experienced some form of internship have better competencies and skills than those who have not. Studies have also shown that in most enrolment procedures, experience in a professional environment plays an important part. 

This is one of the reasons why the International School strives to provide its students with the best possible education and help them secure their spot at prestigious universities around the world. In recent years, students of the International School have showcased their knowledge and competencies and entered universities in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada, the USA, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, France and many other countries.

What does LINKgroup say?

For years LINKgroup, a company that is successful in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and the United States of America, and which brings together students from over 120 countries worldwide through distance learning, has been helping people become more successful with great passion and ambition.

The company believes that education is the basis for success for every individual, and strives to implement this belief by changing education and adapting it to the needs of new generations.

“Through this programme, we want to enable students of the International School to experience contemporary business and the modern business environment. We give young enthusiasts the chance to learn about the inner workings of a large system before they embark on their careers; to gain their first working experience and see how important it is to develop the skills that are in demand on the labour market”, says Nikola Goljović from LINKgroup’s HR sector.

How will the students benefit from the LINKgroup internship programme?

Many students use internship programmes as a strategy that helps them opt for a particular academic programme and enrich their applications. Moreover, the students gain valuable experience that will be highly beneficial in their professional environment. 

If they choose to attend the internship programme, the students will:

  • get to better know themselves and their interests,
  • learn about the practical aspects of certain professions,
  • discover new employment possibilities,
  • establish business connections with numerous experts, 
  • have insight into the inner workings of a large international education system,
  • gain practical skills that will make them stand out,
  • enter the world of real business.

Available positions at the LINK INTERNSHIP for the International School programme

Depending on their professional and academic aspirations, students can choose positions in different sectors which they believe will most contribute to the development of their competencies and skills. Here are the vacancies.

Marketing Assistant

If you wish to:

  • learn how to create a successful advertising campaign;
  • learn the basics of business communication;
  • learn how to create media plans and promotional activities;
  • participate in the implementation of an advertising campaign;
  • participate in the creation of ads and promotional videos;
  • communicate with external advertising agencies;
  • work with advertising influencers;
  • get to know other sectors of the company and gain in-depth insight into modern business.

Social Media Manager

If you wish to:

  • learn how to plan social media posts;
  • manage activities in certain accounts together with the manager;
  • learn how to create good social media visuals;
  • learn how to write effective copy;
  • participate in social media discussions;
  • get to know other sectors of the company and gain in-depth insight into modern business.

Copywriter / Web Editor

If you wish to:

  • write your first advertising text about topics that are up to date and interesting for everyone – education, young people, the Internet, social media, and IT;
  • have the opportunity to show your love of writing and direct your creativity;
  • discover the secrets of online writing from experienced colleagues;
  • learn about content marketing and social media marketing writing; 
  • have your texts published and promoted online;
  • get to know other sectors of the company and gain in-depth insight into modern business.

Consultant at the Center for Career Development

If you wish to:

  • learn how the Center for Career Development helps clients make the right career choices, and use this knowledge;
  • help students write a good CV and cover letter for their first job;
  • participate in organising programmes and counselling regarding career development;
  • learn how the Center connects students with potential employers;
  • get to know other sectors of the company and gain in-depth insight into modern business.

HR Manager

If you wish to:

  • write your first ad;
  • have a go at writing personal development texts;
  • learn about the employment procedure, from application to contract signing;
  • participate in the recruitment process via social media;
  • have a go at being a psychologist (create and interpret tests);
  • attend a job interview and assist the recruiter in the selection process;
  • find out how the company takes care of the employees;
  • learn about the employee evaluation procedure;
  • get to know other sectors of the company and gain in-depth insight into modern business.

Consultant in the Distance Learning Sector

If you wish to:

  • gain in-depth knowledge about the Distance Learning System (DLS);
  • prepare materials for entering into DLS; 
  • provide DLS instructions to a new class of students;
  • get to know the job of a learning counsellor and learn useful tips for overcoming learning challenges; 
  • experience the process of recording and formatting multimedia content;
  • get to know other sectors of the company and gain in-depth insight into modern business.

Associate at eduTV

If you wish to:

  • get to know the journalistic genres of writing;
  • get acquainted with journalistic research on the topic and preparation before writing or filming;
  • participate in creative writing of titles, texts and posts on social networks;
  • find out what a performance in front of the camera and behind the camera looks like;
  • get an introductory photography course (studio and at the event);
  • read your first OFF (line in front of a microphone);
  • be an active member of the team on the recording of TV reports;
  • get to know other sectors of the company and gain a broader insight into modern business.

The registration deadline is 20 May

If you’re interested in the LINK INTERNSHIP for the International School programme, apply HERE not later than Friday, 20 May, and send us your CV and cover letter.

Shortlisted candidates during the first week of May will have an interview with the HR department LINKgroup and sector manager, and the final decision will be made not later than 26 May 2022. The internship starts on 1 June 2022.

Before applying, please read the rules and regulations HERE.

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