Being contemporary in every sense of the word, International School provides a comprehensive education which, based on global educational standards, gives an ideal preparation for students both for Serbian universities and international colleges and universities. International School is a future-ready school, which makes its lessons contemporary and future-oriented.

Creative and interactive teaching

Our school applies standardised, contemporary, stimulating teaching methodologies, which further helps thoroughly improve students’ competencies in languages, mathematics, sciences, art, culture, technology, and IT. These competencies are the right foundation for further education, and intellectual and academic development.

Teaching is supported by interactive whiteboards and educational software bundles, while practical learning is encouraged through various research tasks and critical-thinking exercises.

Highly motivated educators

The high academic standards are upheld by our highly-qualified and motivated teachers who are fully committed to the educational needs of each and every student. Through an effective blend of general and specialised knowledge, with continuous mentoring and practical exercises in a variety of fields, we encourage students to apply what they learn in the best possible way.

In addition to the mandatory subjects prescribed by the curriculum, we enable our students to develop additional professional skills including foreign language and business skills thus, preparing them for their future in the 21st century.

Growth and development in every way

Our objective is to facilitate the full intellectual, emotional, social, moral and physical development of every student in line with their age, needs and interests. In order to accomplish said goal, our school strives to help students develop the skills needed for finding, analysing, using and distributing information by efficiently utilising information and communication technologies.

Throughout their education at International School, our students acquire the knowledge, skills and values they need not only for their personal development and success but also for that of their families, communities and society in general.

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