By choosing Cambridge Lower Secondary programme, students are directed to an educational module that gives them a personalised opportunity for a high-quality preparation for life and further education. The curriculum is British-based, which gives students a chance to discover and accumulate knowledge, and to develop their skills in learning and managing life situations. Having a variety of ten different subjects, the main ones being English, Mathematics and Science, students will have access to many opportunities to develop their creativity, personal touch and – most importantly – knowledge, in a personalised, age-appropriate manner.

The key for implementing the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum is in its holistic approach to education. This means that students have the freedom to opt for a combination of available subjects that fits their interests, culture, work ethic, and national background. All lessons are held in English, which means that multiculturality and bridging the language gaps, as advocated by the Cambridge programme, are applied in practice. In this way, students are given a hands-on chance to use and perfect the language that they will need for further education abroad, and for handling a multicultural environment.

Cambridge Lower Secondary programme offers the following subjects:

English language

English as a second language



Digital literacy

Physical Education

Global Perspectives

Spanish as a foreign language

Serbian Language

Art & Design




Robotics and STEM based on project work

Soft Skills and Wellness (includes creative writing, drama, journalism, reading…)

In addition to their core subjects, students also have the opportunity to enjoy, attend and make use of lessons in health and physical education. This will help them focus on their physical and mental wellbeing, along with their classic education.

According to the curriculum, students will have 30 lessons per week, while the focus will be on the core subjects, Digital literacy and Social Sciences.

SubjectYear 7Year 8Year 9
English / English as a second language444
Global Perspectives222
Digital literacy222
Spanish as a foreign language222
Serbian Language222
Art & Design222
Physical Education222
Social Sciences (History, Geography, Business)444
Extracurricular activities 222

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