Choosing a secondary school is not at all an easy decision, since your entire future depends on it. The quality of your secondary education and the doors that the school opens for you are enough to make you choose your secondary school carefully and thoughtfully, considering all possible factors, since the credibility of the diploma that you obtain significantly determines your future.

International School AlumnisInternational School is a school that gives you many options for higher education after you successfully pass all exams and obtain a Cambridge or IB diploma. Another proof of the international quality and renown of International School’s diplomas are the successes of our former students who are now studying across the globe!

Ambitious goals + devotion + International School = SUCCESS

International School students are ambitious and persistent young people with a set goal ahead of them, and this goal is – success! Success in passing all the exams and other tasks within the curriculum at International School, success in enrolling into their desired university abroad, success in solving all tasks at university, success in obtaining a degree from a globally renowned university and, in the end, success in building their career.

It’s a long way to the top, but International School students are taught that they should never give up, to fight for what they want, and to overcome the obstacles successfully.

Since our students know that they should fight for their dreams in life, that they should try hard and give all that they’ve got, today they are students of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Students that International School spawned are now studying biomedicine, software engineering, business and economics, politics, and many other sciences at world-class universities such as Cesar Ritz College (Switzerland), EU Business School (Germany), BA on Global Business Management (Switzerland), Glion Institute of Higher Education (Switzerland), Sheffield City College (Greece).

What did our alumni students say about International School?

Some of them can sometimes be “caught” in Belgrade, which is an opportunity that International School uses to bring them back to the school, only this time they come as teachers, which they gladly accept.

Our former students come to their secondary school as fulfilled people who are studying what they love and eagerly share their experience with current International School students, willing to give them first-hand information and a complete description of studying abroad.

Our secondary students who want to follow in the footsteps of their older friends are thrilled with these events which are gradually becoming a tradition at International School, knowing that in a few years they will be the ones to share their experiences with the new kids and prepare them for the challenging path to success.

And what did our alumni say about International School? Did this school help them achieve their goals? Would they recommend International School to young people who are enrolling into primary or secondary school and who, just like them, have ambitious goals? Let’s find out!

Katarina AleksićAt International School I became confident enough”

The experience that I acquired at International School has helped me understand the subjects on my first year of university.

Global Perspectives has helped me become more confident and readier for teaching at the faculty owing to the essays and presentations that we used to make.”
Katarina Aleksić, Sheffield City College, Thessaloniki 

Karlo KuletoI improved my language skills and broadened my knowledge on business”

Attending International School has helped me a lot, since I significantly improved my language skills, and I also had great teachers who helped me learn more about business.

Education according to the Cambridge programme has helped me understand how foreign educational systems function.”
Karlo Kuleto, Cesar Ritz College, Switzerland

Ivana TodorovićEverything that we did at International School helped me succeed during my studies”

First of all, International School helped me master the English language to an extent that is necessary for studying and working abroad, and for attending a university where only English is spoken. Another important thing is the amount of time we spent writing reports and research papers, especially within the Global Perspectives subject.

The essence of everything we did here has helped me succeed during my studies and broaden my knowledge.”
Ivana Todorović, EU Business School, Germany

Darija VukovićI would recommend International School to everyone”

At International School I had subjects such as Business and Mathematics. They helped me because the topics that we explored at school were later covered in detail at university.

I highly recommend International School, especially to those whose wish and goal is to study abroad. International School gives you a great advantage, and this is knowing English on a Cambridge level.”
Darija Vuković, BA on Global Business Management, Switzerland

Andrej RstićInternational School is an excellent preparation for higher education”

I am very happy with everything I learned at International School. Many things that we did here are further discussed at university, which means that International School graduates are undoubtedly well-prepared for higher education.”
Andrej Rstić, Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland

Jovan MaksimovićAt the International School, we gained skills that make us competitive”

The knowledge that I acquired at International School helped me pick up skills that now give me advantage over other students.”
Jovan Maksimović, student at the Prague University of Economics and Business

Like many International School alumni, Jovan managed to enrol at a desired university abroad among a tough competition owing to his skills, knowledge, and abilities.

International School – the homeport of future successful individuals in various areas of science and business

International School strives towards developing a healthy ambition and motive for accomplishment in students, which then directs them towards success and goal fulfilment, towards cultivating and discovering their talents, and towards having a positive attitude when it comes to learning and lifelong improvement, and our successful current and former students are the best indicators that International School truly attains these humane goals.

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