International School keeps up with global standards in education, whose features include a defined dress code at school. In order to promote equality and moral and ethical principles, at International School all students, teachers and staff wear a uniform.

Students as ambassadors of International School

International School’s students are proud to boast the school logo on their clothes and show that they are a part of the most successful Cambridge International School in the region. For them, the uniform’s brand shows that it’s knowledge and skills that our students value the most, while the teacher uniforms are the recognisable attire of distinguished educators promoting a modern approach to education.

The colours of International School’s modern uniforms coincide with the colours of the logo and thus reflect our mission and vision in a prominent way.

Colours of our uniform act as symbols of courage, challenges, dedication, socially beneficial action, youth and innovation respectively, all of which are a part of International School’s school life. Distinguished by the school emblem, the uniform is a perfect fit for successful youths preparing to change the world with their knowledge and ideas.

Along with bright and vibrant colours, our uniform also has a touch of grey neutrality and of a corporate red to honour both team work and our founding company, LINK group. The colour pallet as a whole reflects a high level of professionalism, innovation, success, hard work and learning. That is why, students and teachers are happy to wear our uniform and act as true ISS ambassadors wherever they go.

What does International School’s student uniform entail?

The uniform for students consists of:

1. long- or short-sleeved polo shirt with the School’s logo, in the Year-appropriate colour:

  • In yellow for Lower Secondary students Y7-Y9
  • In blue for High school students Y10 – Y13

2. The PE uniform which students have to wear during their PE lessons includes:

  • white T-shirt with the School’s logo,
  • grey tracksuit bottoms with the School’s logo (unisex),
  • grey shorts with the School’s logo (male),
  • grey leggings with the School’s logo (female),
  • tracksuit top.

What does International School’s teacher uniform entail?

The uniform for female teachers consists of:

  • grey trousers or skirt,
  • white shirt,
  • red jacket.

The uniform for male teachers consists of:

  • grey trousers,
  • white shirt,
  • red tie and
  • black jumper.

Staff in charge of: security, hygiene maintenance and the school restaurant shall wear the uniform specified in accordance with the regulations of the company with which the School has signed a cooperation agreement.

Rules that promote equality

According to the regulations on the school uniform and dress code, all the members of the school life are to wear a uniform in order to promote a common system of values as well as ethical conduct and outstanding behaviour. All students, parents/guardians, teachers and other staff are to abide by the dress code.

You can read more about the specifics of what should and should not be worn at school in the Regulations.

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