At our school there is a team of people who make sure that all organisational and business activities are synchronised. To make it easier for you to get in touch with the people who can help you, allow us to present our support team.


Neda Semiz – School Life Coordinator

Taking into account the dynamics of our school life, we put Neda in charge of making sure that all extracurricular activities are synchronised and well organised. If you have any suggestions concerning cultural events, you can forward them to Neda. MORE



Marko Nikolić – School Life Assistant

At International School Marko hopes to provide additional support to the school life coordinator by assisting students in their extracurricular activities, administrative work and everything else she might need. MORE



School’s Teaching and Learning Support:


Dušanka Anđelović – Pedagogue

Dušanka is our school’s pedagogue. She graduated from the Department of Pedagogy at University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Philosophy. With her experience with the School Life as its long term coordinator, Dušanka is here to assist the teachers to provide the best possible methodological approach to their teaching to assist our students achieve best possible results. MORE



Lara Filipović – School Counsellor

Lara is our School’s counsellor and great assistant to all our students. If our students encounter any issue he is the person to come to for guidance and advice. Lara also is the one who assists our students to choose Universities for their future education. Assistance with students’ problems is something he awaits with joy, and will always be there to help. MORE



Tamara Ćeranić – Exams Officer

Ms Tamara is a person to come to concerning all Checkpoint, IGCSE, AS and A level exams. She is in charge of making sure that all exam sessions are conducted in accordance with the official Cambridge International regulations. MORE


Nadežda Golubović – Head of STEAM Department

As our Head of STEAM Department, Nadežda supervises the academic programme, the schemes of work, their implementation and teaching quality assurance for the following subjects: Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Digital Media and Design, Art and Design and Mathematics. Ms Nadežda is also in charge of the timetable and the implementation of the allocated periods. MORE


Aleksandra Strugar – Timetable Master

Maths teacher, Aleksandra Strugar, graduated from University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Engineering Management. Ms Strugar is in charge of managing the timetable for all teachers and students. MORE


Miloš Prodanović – School Secretary 

If you need verification for your scholarship, BusPlus or any other document related to education, you can contact Miloš, who holds all papers in his hands. MORE


Tatjana Vilček – School Principal

Tatjana VilčekTatjana is in charge of keeping everything running smoothly at the school premises. With her vast experience in operational management and coordinating school projects and administration, she is a person to address matters concerning relations between parents, teachers and students. MORE



Our teachers

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