For a cutting-edge, TRULY DIFFERENT learning experience

We have created another tool supported by the latest technology - International School's iOS and Android mobile learning apps.

Do you know that your school follows global trends in education? Would you like to learn in a completely different, modern way, facilitate your learning process and try a unique educational tool in the region?

International School's free iOS and Android apps enable you to access the platform designed for a facilitated, more interesting and interactive learning experience using your phone or tablet.

Everything you need at your fingertips

Wherever you are - in a park, car or cafe - you can now easily access our interactive learning materials and expand your knowledge outside the classroom. Everything you wish to learn is now even more accessible.

Whenever you wish, you can chat with your teachers, do tests, and watch interesting videos. You can follow lectures and seminars live and exchange impressions and knowledge with other students. This will allow you to broaden your knowledge in the best possible way.

Learning materials available from any location 24/7

It's never been easier to access learning materials. You don't have to ask your friends about missed lessons anymore or copy from their notebooks. Simply download all teaching materials using the International School app and start learning.

Live chat



Live Class



Test your knowledge whenever suits you

You don't have to ask others to test your knowledge anymore. Now you can follow your progress in an interesting and interactive manner. Choose a test, drag or write your answer. Test your knowledge anytime you like.

Ask your teacher

At all times, you can use the chat consultation option to ask your teacher about the things you didn't understand or to learn additional information. The app also allows you to exchange advice with your schoolmates and be up-to-date with school life.

Download the iOS and Android app now

It's easy to download the iOS or Android app - just visit App Store or Google Play Store and click on the app icon.

If you want to learn and advance every day and organize your time and obligations as it suits you best, try International School's mobile app!