Enrolment for 2023/2024 is underway! Use our current enrolment benefits and save on tuition fees!

LINKgroup, the founder of the International School, made this decision so as to make quality education available to as many children as possible! Provide your child with an education at a school that implements high academic criteria and offers a modern learning environment and internationally recognised diplomas.

Cambridge International
Distance Learning

Only by 31 May
Reduced tuition fee8,272
Full tuition fee9900
In 12 instalments689

Benefits according to payment method

  • The annual tuition fee can be paid in 12 monthly instalments.

Other payment benefits (options within this category cannot be combined)

  • Siblings are granted additional 5% family discount.
  • Children, whose parents work for the same company, are granted additional 5% corporate discount.

Important notes

  • All prices are listed in Euro.
  • Tuition fees are to be paid in their RSD equivalents referencing the sell rate provided by the National Bank of Serbia on the day of signing the contract with International School.
  • The tuition fee can be paid by a legal entity or a person other than the student’s parents.
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